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Traditionally, potatoes are mashed with milk or cream, but don’t be afraid to try other liquids.

Since going dairy free, I have often used almond milk in mashed potatoes.  My family didn’t notice any difference and loves them just as well as they did with cow’s milk.

Potatoes can also be mashed with broth.  One of my kids loves red potatoes mashed with olive oil and chicken broth.  Add freshly grated Parmesan cheese if you can eat it.

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  1. I love all these ideas, I’ve done the same things since going dairy free! Chicken broth is so good! I also like to retain some of the water from cooking the potatoes and using that both in yeast breads and also to add back to the mashed potatoes! :-) Mmmmm!

  2. I also add in pureed cauliflower to our mashed potatoes and no one seems to notice. One time I had 50/50 potato-cauli mix and they still thought it was great. And butter, if you can have it, is just perfect to lob in as a treat.

    I do agree about the almond milk. I need to try the broth idea sometime, sounds really good.

  3. I’ve used broth in mashed potatoes – it works great! If we have leftover baked potatoes, sometimes I’ll just mash them up with seasonings and broth.

  4. My sister normally mashes with a little milk, cream cheese, and nutmeg! I’m cow dairy free so we used goat cheese, goat milk, and nutmeg for our mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving. Not an option if you’re dairy free, but an idea anyway!

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