The Many Uses of Borax

Although borax is sold in the laundry aisle, I often use it in my kitchen. It is a great natural deodorizer and cleaner. I regularly use it to scour the sink, deodorize and clean the garbage disposal, and freshen up a sponge or dish cloth.

It can also be used to clean toilet bowls, windows, and mattresses, but it’s not limited to the indoors. It can keep weeds and pests away. If you don’t use borax or are interested in some new ways to use it, there are more ideas and specific instructions at the following links.


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  1. Sherry says

    Thank you for sharing! I haven’t used Borax, but I’ve been trying to make my own cleaners.

  2. Debbie Donahue says

    My brother told me he tried everything to rid his house of fleas and that Borax was the only thing that worked. He sprinkled it all over the carpets and floors, left it on them for 4-5 days, then vacuumed it up and repeated the process a week later (when new eggs might hatch). If I try this method and my dog then lays on the carpet, won’t he be susceptible to licking his paws, getting it in his eyes? I’m a little tentative about doing it while people are in the house. Thanks. Any feedback would be helpful.

    • says

      I’m not a Borax expert, but I think that you should keep people and pets off the carpet while you have borax on it. You should contact the company if you have concerns.

  3. cristie says

    Umm…borax is simply a natural element in the earth, a simple mineral, called boron. The Twenty Mule Team Borax brand is 99.5% pure boron, and .5% other natural minerals found in the earth, which are actually very good for the body, in moderation. Borax is the safest cleaner you could possibly use as well…it is no more dangerous than table salt, says the National Institute for Health. It can also be used for mange on dogs, and other skin conditions for dogs and humans. I take 1/4 TEASPOON internally, 5 days a week, melted in hot water, and then mixed with Ovaltine (to cover the soapy taste.) I do it to get rid of my lupus and fibromyalgia symptoms. NOTHING WORKS BETTER…NO DRUG OUT THERE EVEN COMES CLOSE TO GETTING RID OF MY PAIN, but borax does. Anyway, your dogs and people will be fine. ????

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