Lunch Ideas for Back to School

My homeschooler started back to school last week and my two college kids start this week.  Many of you have kids going back to school too.  When you have a child who is gluten-free, going back to school means thinking about what to pack for lunches.

I thought I would link to a few resources for you.  Some of these links also contain a list of links.  There is some overlap, but be sure to look them over because I’m not sharing all of them here.

Gluten-Free Lunch Box Ideas – The Gluten-Free Homemaker

Frugal Lunch and Dinner Ideas – The Gluten-Free Homemaker

Gluten-Free Lunch Solutions & Chicken Salad – Me at Lifetime Moms

10 Days of Gluten-Free Lunch & Snacks – Tessa The Domestic Diva

Healthy Lunch Box 2012 – And Love It Too

Lunch Box Solutions Menu Plan – Celiac Family

Gluten-Free Lunch Round Up – Simply Sugar and Gluten Free

Gluten-Free Lunch Box – Jules Gluten Free

50+ Allergy Friendly Lunch Box Ideas – Cook It Allergy Free

Gluten & Allergen Free Lunch & Snack Ideas – Adventures of a Gluten-Free Mom


Gluten-Free Breakfasts – Harris Whole Health

Do you have any back to school lunch tips?

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