Living Without Magazine Review & Giveaway

Living-WithoutLike many people, I spend a lot of time reading online, but I still love holding a real book or magazine.  I’m all in favor of going paperless in many areas, but I’m not ready to give up those two.

If you’re like me and enjoy reading a magazine you can hold, Living Without is definitely worthwhile.  They call themselves, “The magazine for people with allergies and food sensitivities,” and that’s exactly what it is.

I looked through their two most recent magazines and found that they were chock full of articles and recipes that were relevant to me (someone on a gluten and dairy free diet).

While the magazine is not exclusively geared toward the gluten-free diet, it does play a large role.  The cover of both magazines highlighted a gluten-free article as well as gluten and dairy free recipes.

Living Without is a quality magazine that has been around for a number of years.  It contains a nice mix of information and recipes and has plenty of attractive color photos. Their web site is also a helpful resource with information and recipes, such as the gluten and dairy free chocolate raspberry heart tarts featured on the cover of the magazine shown above.


The Giveaway: One winner will receive a year’s subscription to Living Without magazine.  The giveaway is open to US residents.

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The giveaway will end on Friday, March 2nd at 11:00 pm eastern time.  The randomly chosen winner will be contacted by email and will have 24 hours to respond after being contacted.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with a free subscription, but was not paid to write this review. The opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Kristen says

    I haven’t read it, looks like a great magazine. It would love to find some new recipes to try.

  2. says

    I’ve looked at it in my doctor’s office. I would like to get it because my husband is gluten free and my oldest son is allergic to dairy & wheat (among other things). I just had to get different shampoo for my 3 month old because regular baby shampoo was making him break out, so I’m wondering if he’s on the road to other allergies like our oldest.

  3. Kara says

    I’ve read it once, when browsing at Borders. I liked it a lot but haven’t seen it since. It would be great to win a subscription!

  4. says

    I have read it and learned a lot about it. My dad has been dealing with issues and starting to think there’s a gluten connection there with him. Would love to win this subscription to show him there’s more to gf living than just the bread he tried years ago and didn’t like. He thinks gf means taste-free and would like to show him that’s not the case.

  5. Amanda Spencer says

    I have read Living Without before. I used to subscribe to their magazine, but, sadly, I couldn’t renew the subscription due to lack of funds. But, I would love to get it again! This is super exciting!!

  6. Jennifer says

    They have great dessert recipes. I have been considering getting a subscription for a while.

  7. Stacy says

    I’ve enjoyed this magazine at my doctor’s office and I like to go to it online. They have a great substitution list.

  8. Mariah Mahon says

    I love Living Without! Never had the money to subscribe.Love the recipes. However my favorite thing is when they have reviews of restaurants that are sensitive to allergies.

  9. Margie says

    I have bought several issues and I enjoy the magazine and refer to it often

  10. Lita says

    I read it and love it. Bought 2 magazines to try the recipes for my celiac BF.

  11. Karol says

    I haven’t read it, but have checked it out online and it looks great. I would like to read the real thing :)

  12. Rachel Blom says

    I haven’t read it but glanced at a copy today and would love to win a subscription.

  13. Kelly McCarthy says

    I have not read this magazine, but I have several food allergies so this would be great to receive.

  14. Ann H. says

    Your publication has certainly brought a lot of great information, recipes, and inspiration! Thanks for giving us “gluten-challenged” a wonderful resource.

  15. says

    I’ve read this magazine…and I love it. Sometimes I need gluten free AND dairy free recipes for my family get togethers.

  16. Alyssa Lazerow says

    I really like this magazine. It helps me find new gluten free products, that I have never heard of before. It also has some fun recipes and good information.

  17. Jackye Swilley says

    I haven’t read it, but would love to. I just found out last week that I have Celiac Disease. I need all the help and information I can get.

  18. Sonya says

    I have read Living Without and really liked the magazine, but it was a little too pricey to subscribe to. Winning a subscription would be AWESOME! Thanks for the chance.

  19. JillW says

    It’s so hard to find a magazine that meets my multi-allergy family’s dietary needs. I’ve wanted to try this one for a long time. And in this Internet age, having a magazine I can hold and dog-ear is definitely luxury time for me. Would love to start out with a free subscription. Thanks!

  20. Andrea says

    I haven’t read it, but as a family new to allergies (and lost as to how to defeat them!) I devour any sources that I can find. I would love a subscription.

  21. Peggy says

    I love this magazine and love your blog! Your recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies ROCKS!!!! Nobody knew they were GF!!

  22. JillW says

    I shared the giveaway on FB. I have several friends I think might be interested. Thanks! 😀

  23. Diane Winn says

    Love Living Without Magazine, also subscribe!
    Great Info and Recipes!!

  24. Karen Edwards says

    Didn’t know that magazine was available. What a great resource. Would love to read it!!!

  25. Anna Lee says

    Living Without is great! So many gluten, dairy, and even soy free options.

  26. Susan Haas says

    I just got a free copy of “Living Without” with my first order of Jules flour. I am just learning about eating gluten free and this free copy has GREAT information in it for me regarding which products are good to get and education on how I can grow/learn to eat a healthy gluten free lifestyle so I continue to feel better. I would really love a free years subscription to help me with this transition :-)
    I am also a “gluten-free Home Maker” subscriber.

  27. Shannon says

    I have never read Living Without. I’m new to the gluten free world so this would be helpful for me, I think.

  28. Lara says

    I have picked up copies of Living Without a couple of times at my favorite gluten free bakery, and love the magazine! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  29. KimH says

    That looks like a very interesting magazine. Im with you. I still like to hold my magazines.

  30. Anna says

    I have read Living Without, sometimes pick it up at my local health food store. It’s one of my favorite magazines!

  31. joan says

    I liked them on FB and also subscribe to your emails! I read this magazine for years and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  32. Karen says

    LOVE LW magazine. Have read it for years… was the ONLY source of info when I I first started down the gluten, dairy, soy free road…. I missed it terribly when it went off the shelf for a while and greeted it with delight when it resurged. I would love a subscription…I am a huge fan.

  33. says

    I pick this up at our local healthfood store/pharmacy. it has so many great recipes and wonderful tips & shopping info!!!

  34. LeAnn says

    I have never read Living Without. I love magazines and would love to have one that is dedicated to a gluten free lifestyle. Will be liking them on facebook.

  35. Meghan says

    I managed to get a hold of a copy once and I really enjoyed it – but I haven’t been able to find it since!

  36. Cheryl D says

    I have purchased this magazine when my husband began eating gluten free due to an intolerance. It was a fall issue and it really helped since we were new to all things GF!

  37. Diane says

    I have never read this magazine, but would love to. My son and granddaughter both are eliminating many foods from their diet. It would be good to have information and recipes at hand so I know what to do for them.

  38. Diane says

    I am subscribed to your blog and really look forward to all that you share with us. Thank you!

  39. Maren says

    I have read the magazine and love all the information. I am still fairly new to all of this, so anything helps! Thank you!!

  40. Pat says

    I love the Living Without magazine, but am not able to always get it. Thanks.

  41. Carol Hughes says

    I enjoy receiving your blog on my email. And I have been quite impressed with the recipes and ideas in Living Without magazine – would love to win a subscription. Just wish their name was more positive, something like Living With More!

  42. Deanne Johnson says

    I have borrowed Living Without from a friend who subscribes to it and I love it!

  43. Cindy W. says

    I have read the magazine and like it but I really do not like the name. It gives such a negative image.

  44. Terri says

    Sounds like a great magazine and I absolutely love magazines! I hope I win.

  45. Jeanne Leder says

    I LOVE Living Without! I wouldn’t mind having a year’s subscription added to my current one. I agree – there’s nothing like holding a magazine – especially a good quality one like Living Without – in my hands!

  46. Elaine says

    I receive your blog via email. I am newly diagnosed and have devoured the couple of Living Without issues that were gifted to me. I would love to win a subscription!

  47. Liz H says

    I’ve read Living Without and really appreciate that not only is it gluten free but also allergy friendly.

  48. Betsy says

    I’ve read Living Without and love how it is so allergy friendly as we deal with various allergies. Thanks!

  49. says

    I subscribe to your blog via RSS and have your blog on my blogspot’s blogroll. I would love a subscription to Living Without. Thank you!

  50. Karesha Bailey says

    My husband bought this magazine for me when he was working out of town and it was great! I haven’t found it anywhere since. I am on a gluten and dairy free diet and I have several friends with multiple food sensitivities so I am always looking for recipe ideas.

  51. Colleen M. says

    I have heard so much about this magazine, but have never read it before. Would love to be a winner.

  52. Amy Z. says

    I have read Living Without and appreciate having recipes that are already modified for our GF dietary needs.

  53. says

    I have not read it yet, being new to GF and watching what I eat I would be thrilled to have another resource!

  54. Alexis R says

    Living Without has great recipes…I do have a couple of magazines laying around and would love a year subscription!

  55. dalkayak says

    I have not read this magazine, but I would love to know where I can find it! I am always looking for new GF recipes for myself and my family.

    • Chesney says

      I would not survive the holidays without this magazine! The recipes are so good I can cook GF/dairy free for my extended family and they still like it!

  56. Susan says

    I’ve read Living Without at my doctor’s office. I like this magazine! There are great recipes, helpful reviews, and I also like seeing the ads for GF products.

  57. Lori says

    Found you & Living w/o on FB and Twitter & reposted. Looking forward to you blog feeds too. I’ve never known about Living w/o mag.

  58. Heather S. says

    I haven’t had a chance to read Living Without, but it sounds wonderful. I have just started my gluten-free diet this week, and so far my IBS symptoms are greatly improved. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Living Without magazine would provide some great inspiration for me…

  59. says

    I haven’t read it but have been researching. I am just beginning to explore a GF lifestyle after a strict diet left me feeling like it’s so good for me!

  60. Shari Regan says

    I’ve read Living Without & Love It! I’ve “liked” Living Without on Facebook.

  61. Jeneen says

    Have read only one issue and love the magazine….I am new to being gluten free and this would definately help with getting started.

  62. Stefanie says

    I am a subscriber to Living Without. Love the magazine. It has some great articles as well as recipes and the nice thing about getting the magazine is you can clip out the recipes and create your own little cookbook : )

  63. Wendy Horne says

    I love this magazine! I get lots of great recipe ideas and find great new products.

  64. Charlene says

    I love the magazine, the blog and the recipes. It gives me a path to follow.

  65. says

    I love picking up the magazine, which got me following it on facebook. I was happy to share recipes and even this contest on my blog I started it because I have been gluten free for over a decade, and people kept asking me… so what do you do when…so, I source Living Without, commonly.
    The RSS feed.. is on the reading list now too.
    “My comments on professional challenges and achievements, through the daily or more profound possibly dismay – how the world turns for a celiac when they interact with those that use the rod of life. My comments on wonderment and blessings of a Gluten Free Lifestyle. My challenges as a Celiac.”

  66. Nancy Sitta says

    i subscribed on this web site – where is my magazine? i want to access the web.. how can i get this faster?

    • says

      Nancy, I don’t know the details of how their subscriptions work. You could try the customer service link on their site.

  67. Tracie says

    I haven’t read it yet. I’ve been wanting too, but haven’t found it anywhere. Would love a subscription!!

  68. Melissa says

    I have been so impressed with this magazine! Never seen an issue I didn’t share with friends!

  69. Lisa says

    I love the magazine. I saw it in a Dr’s office. Never knew there was one like this out until then. Great Mag!! <3 it!

  70. Jen says

    I have read the magazine and love it! It’s been really difficult to find around here, though. Even the library is always out of back issues!

  71. Jill says

    Love the magazine…my doctor had it in his office and now I pick it up when I can – some great recipes!

  72. Jan says

    I’ve read it a couple of times and was thrilled that, as a recently diagnosed Celiac and real world foodie, I could still create yummy things and live more healthily.

  73. says

    I haven’t read it – yet! But I will. Due to health reasons one of my children is now on a gluten-free diet. To help him transition we’re all going gluten-free! I’m searching for reliable resources that will help me provide healthy, tasty and gluten-free foods for my family. Even if I don’t win the subscription I’ll definitely be reading the magazine.

  74. says

    I love that the magazine caters to many food allergies and gives substitutions when possible for those avoiding eggs/dairy/ect. Having a hard copy is definitely more handy than running back and forth to the computer when trying a new recipe!

  75. Debra Cole says

    I love the recipes! All very tasty and I love that the issues come before each season so new recipes are on hand for every event like Spring and Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc.

  76. Monisha says

    I haven’t read it but it sounds very intersting. I am sure ot will help me with the gluten free lifestyle as sometimes it all seems so overwhelming!

  77. says

    I subscribed, I twittered and i liked facebook. I have heard awesome things about this magazine but honestly can’t afford the subscription right now.
    two of us are Gluten free one is Gluten/dairy/soy and other things free. Its a hard world cooking like this but we are learning.

  78. christina says

    i have read issues at a friends house and enjoyed them so much that i would like my own subscription

  79. Karen says

    I’ve been a subscriber to the Living Wiithout magazine since Feb of 2009 when I was diagnosed with wheat allergies & gluten intolerance. I LOVE the magazine and the online access to the publication. The magazine and website both contain incredible photos of most of the recipes and articles. The editors have created recipes that are simple, yet detailed enough to yield successful results. I have tried many of the recipes and received rave reviews from family and friends! If you are unfamiliar with this amazing publication, follow the link below and see firsthand what all the excitement is about. I’m certain you will enjoy the magazine and will no longer feel like you are Living Without!

  80. christina says

    thank you for you list of gf resturants…have been avoiding some….nice to see gf drinks yum!

  81. Fran K says

    I get Living Without’s email newsletter. Would love a subscription to the magazine!

  82. Helen Fremin says

    I am a regular reader of Living Without magazine. I like all the articles about Celiac Disease and gluten free diets. And I’m one of those people who loves to read magazines that I can hold and pick up whenever I have a free minute. I don’t like the idea of reading magazines on my phone or computer. I feel the same way about books. To help with going green, I check books out of the library and recycle my magazines by giving them to others.

  83. Janet Waddell says

    My Sweet Grand daughter Laila has Down Syndrome, and also is allergic to gluten. Her tummy stays so upset sometimes. I know that my daughter would love to have this magazine and get some great ideas of foods to make for our doodlebug!!

  84. Pei says

    It’s always very helpful to get ideas on how to modify our cooking to replace the ingredients that we are allergic to.

  85. Dee says

    I was just diagnosed with Celiac’s and am looking for every bit of information and recipes that I can get

  86. says

    I have read and have one copy of Living Without. While not totally geared at gluten-free, I did like the information in the magazine.

  87. Jennifer says

    I love your facebook site! I love the mag living without too, but it’s too expensive for me to get :(

  88. Jennifer says

    Their recipes look sooooooo good! I want to make them, unlike some of the funky bean & weird ingredients ones that I have seen!

  89. Barb Urban says

    I get emails and Facebook notices. Living Without looks like a super magazine

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