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Tongs can be used for all kinds of things.  You can use them when cooking to turn foods.  They are great for hot dogs, sausage, chicken, and steak. You can use them to pick up hot corn on the cob.  You can use them in salads.  I have recently learned to love using tongs for serving vegetables.

So many times vegetables just can’t be served well with a fork or spoon.  A fork is slow, picking up one piece at a time, and spoon doesn’t hold the vegetables well.  A pair of tongs can do a much better job.

For example, look how well these tongs pick up asparagus spears.

tongs with asparagus

If you don’t use tongs for serving vegetables, you should give it a try.

question markWhat is your favorite use for tongs?

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  1. says

    My favorite (or at least most frequent) use for tongs in my kitchen….would definitely be reaching items on the top shelf of my cabinets :)

  2. says

    I’m a short person (5’2″) so my tongs are helpful in getting things out of the cupboard that I can’t reach (like plastic storage containers or lightweight food items). Otherwise I have to drag out the stepstool.

  3. Mari says

    I use my tongs to get things off the higher shelves too, but I really like them for snatching out a hard boiled egg from a pan of boiling water. I can never wait for them to be done, so I always snatch the first one out, and I use that while the rest of them cool.

    • says

      I take my eggs out of the hot water and immediately put them in ice water to help them peel better. I usually use my pasta spoon, but tongs are a good idea too.

  4. Ingrid Davis says

    I recently started using them for helping pick up hot sheet pans from the oven i combination with a pot holder on the other hand!

  5. Margaret says

    I keep tongs next to the toaster. Helps to slide the hot toast ont a plate without burning your hands. ~ Margaret

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