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This tip is something I have done, but I’ve not mentioned it in my recipes. Since a couple of readers left a comment about it recently, I thought it would be a good tip to share.

If you have electrical outlets on the outside of your house, such as on a deck or patio or even in your garage, you can plug in your slow cooker and keep the heat out of the kitchen.

Crock Pot Outside

I don’t do this often because I find that cooking meat outside attracts flies and they like to sit on the handle of my crock pot lid.  They also end up inside more easily.  However, when it gets really hot, I do take it outside and just deal with the flies.

Another factor that influences whether I plug in my crock pot outdoors is whether it is something I need to stir.  Most slow cooker recipes don’t need stirring, but especially if I am cooking on high, I do stir some things like my Mexican Chili.

Going in and out of the house even a few times to stir means I’m letting in heat and at least partially defeating the purpose of having it outside.

question markDo you take your slow cooker outside or to the garage?

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  1. Ingrid Davis says:

    No, I have never brought my crockpot outside since it doesn’t seem to affect the house temperature that much. You are so right about the flies, though! Whenever I cook a lot of meaty recipes, there seems to be a lot more flies outside and then of course, inside!!

    Loved your steak recipe and will try it soon!

  2. Love the tip!

  3. Wonderful tip. Our front porch is screened and there is also an outlet. Why in the world haven’t I already done this. Duh.

  4. That is so funny!! I have done that every time I have been pregnant because I can’t stand the smell of whatever is cooking! Dead of winter, mildly of summer-doesn’t matter! :)

  5. I always put it out in the garage so that the wonderful aromas won’t tempt me to snack all day. LOL! It works!!!

  6. I use mine outside in the summer and have never ever had a bug issue. Regarding outside in winter, I’m in MN and want to use it outside this weekend. Will it work properly even if it is below freezing? Today our windchill may be around -25 and temp at or near zero.

    • I have never used mine outside in the winter. I would think that cold temperatures like that would certainly have an effect on it. It might have trouble staying hot enough and could cause food safety issues.

      • Thank you, that is what I thought as well. I did contact Rival directly and they said in the garage even in the cold here would be fine but not directly outside.

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