Kitchen Tip: Storing Non Perishables

Kitchen Tip
Today’s kitchen tip is from Andrea of Andrea’s Kitchen. Be sure to stop by her gluten-free blog if you haven’t been there before.

Andrea recommends dating all your non-perishable items, including canned foods, pasta, and spices, as soon as you bring them home from the store.  Andrea says,

“I started doing this when my husband and I moved several times within a few years and I realized I kept seeing some of the same canned goods and I started wondering how old they really were!  I like to use canned beans to make bean salads, and I also realized that they tasted better and had a better texture if they were consumed within about 6 months, despite the stamped date on the can.  Dating cans helps you to use them in the order you bought them too.”

Thanks for the tip Andrea.  If you have a kitchen tip you would like to share with everyone, send me an email.

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What do you do to make sure you use your non-perishable items in a timely manner?

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  1. Johanna B says

    Great idea. I'll have to find a nice black sharpie. I am going shopping today and you're right. Things taste better when they're fresh.

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