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  1. Yes – it works like a charm! I too read this from Martha and have used the tip ever since. Makes it worthwhile to sport the extra for organic, since I can use it all before it goes bad.

  2. I use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean my procelain and ceramic floors AND the grout in between the tiles. I had mopped, hand-scrubbed and steam-cleaned my floors, but I couln’t get the grout clean, so I tried the Magic Eraser. I was pleasantly surprised and embarrassed to see how dirty my floors actually were.

  3. Yes! have used them for years not because I don’t like to touch the meat its just so easy. I cut pizza with them also, bread for bread pudding, dressing many uses.

  4. Colleen Janes says:

    My mother always used to put a mini-marshmallow in her ground cloves to absorb moisture. Every time I open my cloves and see a marshmallow in there, I think of her.

  5. I use a mix of rice and tapioca flours, to which I add some mesquite flour, some almond or hazelnut flour, and some coconut flour. Yum!!!!
    I am also loving buckwheat/tapioca, mixed 2/1.

    • Hi Karen. I don’t think I’ve tried mesquite flour, but I have heard of it. The buckwheat tapioca mix sounds interesting.

  6. Laurie says:

    Wow, I can’t believe u don’t like bean flour. Absolutely love it. I get mine from the India Supermarket. It is way cheaper there. Pizza dough is my fav out of it. I also like defatted peanut flour. I get mine from

    Makes the best peanut butter cookies. I also make a protein shake with it. I am diabetic so I try to go for the low glycemic flours. Can’t use too much rice flour. Almond and hazelnut flours are also nice though way too expensive.

  7. Barbara Borkowski says:

    A few years ago I broke the sternum in my chest by pulling wet cloths out of the washing machine. Since then I use a pair of tongs to remove the wet garmets. I’ve passed this tip on to many friends as these machines have such deep baskets and being short makes it hard to get things like socks out of the machine. Better to be safe than sorry as a broken sternum is very painful.

  8. What a timely blog. I have been gluten free for10 months, but the past few weeks I have not been feeling well. I actually think it is my cleaning supplies. I can no longer starch my husbands shirts because I get so dizzy and a bad headache. I tried making cookies one time with white flour and will never do that again. I could smell the gluten in the air, even though I tried to keep the wheat dust down.

  9. This is an older post, but I just came across it. We grind sorghum, teff, sweet brown rice, oats (certified GF), and millet. We have also ground amaranth and have looked into grinding beans and quinoa. Our 5-flour blend has turned out some fabulous things and because we use such a variety, we don’t have to use much xanthan gum or starch flours (except for things like biscuits which are crumbly otherwise). I love hearing about others who are grinding their GF grains!

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