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Summer is a great time for shredded beef, pork or chicken barbecue sandwiches.  I like to cook the meat or poultry in the slow cooker.  I cook lots and often freeze some of it for another meal.  It’s also a great way to feed a crowd.

The problem with cooking large quantities is that shredding the meat can take a while.  I learned a great time-saving tip from Brian of Fire and Salt.

Put the meat in your stand mixer with the paddle attachment and mix it on a low or medium low speed.  It shreds the meat for you with no effort!


photo credit: stevendepolo

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  1. Sharon says

    Oh. my. goodness! I LOVE this tip! SOOOO glad you posted it. This will definitely be helpful on my next big freezer cooking day. YAY! Thank you!

  2. Karen Bailey says

    Another tip to go along with it. Take the slow cooker & plug it in outside (if you have outdoor outlets) or in the garage, then you don’t heat up the house all day!

  3. Cheryl says

    Thank you for the great tip! The thing I do when slowcooking meat or chicken is add either beef broth or chicken broth to the pot along with a chopped onion (sometimes garlic also) and let the slow cooker it all day. This adds a great flavor to the meat. Then when the meat is done, gf barbecue sauce is added and if need be some of the broth and all of the onions. I like my pulled meat a little saucier. (Save any left over broth for soup etc.)

  4. says

    Thank you for putting this in your Surfing Saturday post. I love making carnitas but don’t always look forward to shredding the meat. This is easy.

  5. Karen Osmon says

    The only thing about this is the fact you need a Kitchen Aid mixer or something similar. A regular mixer just can’t handle this job!

  6. geraldine says

    OK you said you put the whole meat in the mixing bowl and with the paddle then you turn it on and it really shreds the meat. Well the meat is hot. To bad you don’t have a picture to show use how it’s done. Gonna have to try this.

    • says

      You should let the meat rest a bit after cooking like you normally would. It should also be meat that will shred. If you can’t shred it with a fork, then the mixer won’t be able to shred it either. I’ll try to get a picture the next time I do it. Thanks for stopping by!

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