Kitchen Tip: Securing Grocery Bags

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This tip is not exactly a kitchen tip, but it is related to the kitchen because it has to do with groceries.

I usually put grocery bags in the trunk of my car.  Occasionally, though, my trunk has something else in it and I have to put them in my back seat.

Also, when it’s really hot I sometimes put items that need to stay cool in the back seat where the air conditioning can reach them.

grocery bag in car

The floor is the most secure place for the bags, but if there are multiple bags and you need to put some on the seat, use the seat belt to help secure them.  They are usually too short for the shoulder strap to do any good, but the lap belt can help hold them in place.

Do you use seat belts to hold things other than people?

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  1. Anne Marie says

    I use a seat belt to secure my spinning wheel on the way to spinning guild meetings or demonstrations. It fits just perfectly in the back seat and the belt keeps it still.

  2. says

    I strap my bagpipes in like that. Or when I am traveling, my most important purse and tote bag. Yep. Got the equipment, put it to good use! That way you don’t have to stop the car, unfasten the seatbelt and stretch for the passenger-side floor for your tolls. Just sayin’…

  3. says

    I use it to strap in my cello every time I go to lessons because my cello is precariously perched on the back seat that gets folded down in order to fit it in with my sister’s cello :) We also use it to strap in jugs of water, or groceries. But I think my cello gets the most use of it (after people of course :) ).

  4. says

    My husband will occasionally send me flowers at work (special days, after fights, etc). Since home is 30 min away, and I’d rather enjoy them there, I will seat belt them in to travel with me. A very fragrant passenger :)

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