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Rubber bands are pretty useful.  I like to buy a cheap assortment bag to have on hand.  One way that I use them is to keep bags closed.  You know, those plastic bags that lots of gluten-free flours and mixes come in.  Especially if you only use a small amount, it can be difficult to use a clip.

For certain bags, rubber bands work great for keeping them closed.  I’m not talking about squeezing the top of the bag together and closing it by wrapping a rubber band around it a hundred times.  I’m talking about folding in the corners of the bag top, then folding the top down once or twice, and wrapping the rubber band around the entire bag, top to bottom.  Like this:

rubber band on bag

The right size rubber band keeps that bag closed and is not easily knocked off like some clips.

question markDo you use rubber bands in the kitchen?

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  1. says

    I had not thought of using rubber bands until we moved a few months ago and had to seal up a bunch of bags of pantry items. I found that rubber bands work particularly well for bags of nuts or if I have smaller bags of fancy rice. I never switched back to clips.

  2. says

    I like rubber bands for lots of things, especially those bags of flour you describe with only a little taken out! They’re also good under a cutting board (just one or two laying on the counter beneath) to keep it from slipping while I’m using it.

  3. says

    More and more we’re realizing the power of rubber bands! I use them now more than I ever have before (maybe cause I’m cooking more…) and they’re invaluable.

  4. carrie says

    I would use rubber bands, but I can never find them. Actually, those black and silver binder clips, the ones they sell in office supply stores to hold large stacks of paper, work way better than those stupid plastic chip clips that break. And they’re cheap for a big tub of them.

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