Kitchen Tip: Music in the Kitchen

Kitchen Tip
Kitchen Tip is a new blog feature that I hope to put up once every week or two (depending on what else I have to post).  I don’t have a set day of the week for it, but it will usually come on Tuesday or Friday.  It will be a short and sweet tip so it won’t require a lot of time to read.  It is often the little tips we learn from other people that can make our work in the kitchen, faster, easier, less expensive, or more enjoyable.

If you have a kitchen tip that I could share with everyone, send me an email.  I’d love to hear from you.
The first tip I have for you is to have music playing in your kitchen.  It’s such a simple idea and is one I love to use but often just forget about.  Music can make your time working in the kitchen more enjoyable and relaxing.  I have a radio/cd player in my kitchen.  A friend of mine has computer speakers mounted in her kitchen and listens to Pandora.  I don’t use an mp3 player, but that’s another great option, whether using it with ear buds or speakers.

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Do you like to listen to music in the kitchen?

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  1. happiness is where it is says

    I have the new Evo and love listening to Pandora. Another kitchen tip comes from Rachel Ray, using the garbage bowl. Saves trips to the trash and makes a clean counter.

  2. Anonymous says

    I lay butcher paper down before baking for myself. Since the family is not gluten free and we have 10 grand kids in and out of here wanting a full cookie jar, I bake LOTS of gluten filled cookies. The paper is located with the canning supplies and a roll of it lasts for ages.

  3. Stephanie says

    I love listening to music in the kitchen! I have a small stereo and use my iTouch (when not using it as a recipe finder). It's wonderful!

  4. Ellen says

    I love listening to music in the kitchen! I listen to CDs or Pandora or the radio. And I sing with vim and vigor!

  5. Rita says

    I love it….especially the “Latino” or Mexican music (mariachi bands) and then I have the energy for ANYTHING!!!!

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