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Kitchen Tip

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have been around for a few years which means it’s likely you have given them a try.  I happen to love them for many, but not all, cleaning jobs.  I particularly like that they only require water to lift dirt.

For this kitchen tip I thought we might be able to give each other some ideas for how to use them in the kitchen.

Warning: While Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work very well on some things, they are too harsh for other things and can cause scratching or remove paint.  Always use them cautiously and try a test spot if you are unsure.  Just because they do not cause damage to a particular item in my kitchen does not mean they will not damage yours.  I think the amount of pressure you use also affects how harshly it cleans.

Mr Clean Erase and Renew Magic Eraser, Original, 2-Count

1.  Magic Erasers excel at cleaning surfaces that are not smooth.

  • Refrigerators – Many older refrigerators have a textured surface on the outer sides and/or the handles.   I have found these sponges do an excellent job of cleaning them.
  • Doors – I have a door in my kitchen that is painted but has a wood grain in it.  The magic eraser does a great job of cleaning it (just remember to be careful about paint).
  • Flooring – My ceramic tile is not perfectly smooth and sometimes certain spots need extra work.  A magic eraser makes the job easily.  I imagine it would work well on other types of floors that have a pattern, but again, check to be sure it doesn’t scratch.

2.  Magic Erasers work well on smooth surfaces.

  • Glass – Magic erasers are safe to use on glass, though I don’t usually use them for this unless there is something really stuck on a window.
  • Faucets – I find that a few swipes of a magic eraser really shines up my faucet and handle.  Be careful, though, some might scratch.
  • Appliances – Last month when I was cleaning my oven and pulled it out from the wall, there was stuck on gunk on the sides.  Regular scrubbing didn’t remove it all, but a magic eraser did the job quickly and left it shiny clean.
    There are several varieties of magic erasers.  I have only used the original and extra power.  You can find more information at the Mr. Clean website.  And you can purchase Mr. Clean Magic Erasers at Amazon as well as many grocery and department stores.

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What do you use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean in your kitchen?

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  1. MtnHarmony says

    I do like Magic Erasers for scuff marks on the floor or writing on the walls. It can lift the flat paint we have.

    I thought I read recently that it contained Gluten. I have issues with gluten on my skin at times not just ingesting it. Do you know anything about this?

    • says

      I’ve not heard anything about that. I can’t imagine why they would contain gluten, but you could try contacting the company.

      • MtnHarmony says

        Thanks! I have yet to contact them as I rarely use the product. Having a child with various sensitivities I decided to use only vinegar and baking soda wherever possible. BUT at times I have used and loved Magic Erasers when I was short on time or needed a less messy solution.

        I do not know if I will continue to look further or not. In my search I did find that these are made with melamine which is the same stuff in the dog food that kill dogs. It’s like a type of plastic and I have concerns with it being flushed down the drain.

  2. Audrey Grescoe says

    I’d suggest that you warn people to wear gloves when they are using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. After using them for several years (and they do work wonderfully), I now have what appears to be permanently burned skin on my right thumb. It’s sore and cracked, and I’ve found no way to heal it.

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