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One of my favorite things to use for kitchen organization is a lazy Susan. A lazy susan is a kind of turntable.  Placing one on a cabinet shelf can make it easier to reach items at the back.  A lazy Susan is particularly useful for small items such as spices, but I also use it for canned foods.Lipper International Bamboo 10-Inch Single Turntable

Now, it is well known that round storage items waste space because they do not utilize the corners.  However, I have found that the sacrifice is worth while for being able to reach items, and I often do utilize the front corners at least by placing an item (such as a bottle of vinegar) there.

I have a couple of lazy Susan’s in a pantry cupboard.  The shelves are narrow and deep and accessing the items can be a challenge.  One of my upper cabinets has a lazy Susan on the bottom shelf which holds bottles of vitamins.  I find it especially useful for those.  I just spin the turntable and grab the bottle I need.  It’s helpful if you return the bottle to the turntable with the label facing out.  Then you know just which one to grab the next time. I also use lazy Susan’s in other areas of the house such as the linen closet where I use one to store extra bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash.

Other places where you might want to consider using one is under a sink, in the refrigerator, or in the laundry room.

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Do you like to use lazy Susans?  What do you use them for?

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    I need more Lazy Susans! I love the one for my spices and I have a built in one for my pota and pans, but none the other places you mentioned. I like the idea of one in the laundry room and one for my vitamins. Will be on the lookout now for some suitable Lazy Susans, thanks, Linda!


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    Lazy Susans are great for small cabinets, like the one that is over our coffemaker area. I had a two tiered lazy Susan up there for all of my spices and it worked perfect. I kept them all alphabetical (yes, I’m a Virgo!) and it was easy to find anything you were looking for. They are also good for odd cabinets that you can’t reach all the way into easily.

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    Linda, yes, Lazy Susan’s are wonderful! I use 3 for spices and another for supplements. After reading your post and seeing the one in your picture, I want a prettier one for my kitchen table. I keep supplements my kids take there so they don’t forget them. Thanks for sharing!


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    My finance’s mom uses a lazy susan in the cabinet and we’re totally stealing the idea and going to do it at my house too.

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