Kitchen Tip: Kitchen Scissors

In  last week’s kitchen tip I mentioned that I don’t like handling raw meat.  I also don’t like putting raw meat on a cutting board.  I know about having a separate cutting board just for meat, but I still prefer to avoid putting raw meat on a board if I can help it.

One way I do that is to use kitchen scissors rather than a knife to cut meat, particularly chicken.  Whether I am just trimming fat off or cutting chicken breasts into strips or chunks, I like to put on a pair of vinyl gloves and snip away with my kitchen scissors.

The scissors cut beautifully and I can hold the chicken over a bowl or plate and let the pieces I cut drop right onto it.

Ikea kitchen scissors

I have this cheap pair of Ikea kitchen scissors which have lasted a couple of years so far and are still sharp.  If you have an Ikea near you, they are a great resource for inexpensive kitchen gadgets.

question markDo you use kitchen scissors to cut meat or poultry?

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  1. says

    I find kitchen shears essential for cutting chicken. Otherwise, it’s like fighting a losing battle. My current kitchen shears were actually designed for florists, but work like a charm! :-) I went many years without kitchen shears so maybe this post will save someone some struggles. Always love your kitchen tips, Linda!


  2. Janet says

    I like using my kitchen scissors for cutting up lettuce and other leafy veggies for salads. I can go direct from the colander to cutting it into the serving bowl and skip the cutting board. I prefer using a knife for cutting chicken and I always thoroughly wash my cutting board, knives and hands after handling any meat.

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