Kitchen Tip: Juicing Lemons

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If you take the time to juice lemons, you want to get the most juice that you can out of them.  There are a couple ways I know of doing that.

The first is to roll the lemon and the counter, putting pressure on it as you do.

The other method is to heat the lemon in the microwave for about 15 – 30 seconds.


You could always try doing both. I have tried the microwave method and get the same results as the rolling method.  Since rolling is the way I have always done it, that’s what I stick with.

question markHow do you get the most juice from a lemon?

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  1. Margaret says

    Before you juice those lemons, zest them. You can store it dried or in the freezer by 1 tablespoon amounts. Really handy to have ready. ~ Margaret

  2. says

    I roll them as well. My tip is for squeezing them. Your photo shows a reamer which is best (mine are hand helds rather than the type pictured), but if you don’t have one, then after you halve the lemon pierce the interior with a fork a number of times before squeezing.

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