Kitchen Tip: How to Unstick Glass Bowls

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This tip may not apply to many of you, but if you stack glasses or glass bowls that sometimes stick to each other and don’t come apart, then this tip is for you.

In my case, it’s a set of old salad bowls with cut glass.  Smooth, rounded bowls don’t have this problem, but bowls like mine do.

Despite the fact that I place them carefully inside each other when I put them away, a couple of them invariably end up stuck together.


One solution is to put a napkin, paper towel, or some type of cloth in between the bowls to keep them from sticking.  I don’t like having the extra items to do deal with when I get the bowls out or put them away.

To get the stuck bowls apart, I use science.  Cold causes the glass to contract and heat causes it to expand.  Usually, running cold water in the top bowl does the trick.  If that’s not enough, however, you could put ice in the top bowl and run warm water over the bottom bowl.  The two should come apart with no problems.  Be careful about using very extreme temperature differences, it could cause the glass to shatter.

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ONe might also put a bit of salad oil in a bowl and using a cotton swab, dip abit of oil between the bowls edges. It will naturally seep between the edges.

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Thanks for the tip! i already knew the hot and cold water but this time it wasn’t helping… your salad oil did the trick… thanks again :)

What she said about smooth bowls not sticking is not true. That is why I am looking up how to get mine unstuck, they are smooth and I have tried both the heat/cold and oil and they aren’t even budging.

Thanks! I tried the hot & cold but it didn’t work. The oil worked! I pushed the tip of a paring knife in between a tiny bit and then spread the oil around the stuck edge. I let them sit for about 5 minutes. Then I pushed the tip of a paring knife in between a tiny bit more and they popped apart. Thanks again!

Yes I can put ice in top bowl but how do you put warm water
In bottom bowl that is sealed tightly stuck outside of inside bowl????

Tried this didn’t work maybe didn’t wait long enough…exact same bowls on picture been stuck since August 2013
tried non stick spray tapped w wooden spoon and voila came apart