Kitchen Tip: Freeze Candle Wax

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This is a tip I was reminded of during our power outage.  Freezing (or cooling) wax hardens it and makes it easier to remove.

I primarily use this idea to get the melted ends of votive candles out of votive holders.  Just put the glass candle holder in the freezer for a little while.  When you remove it, give it a light tap on a hard surface and the wax in the bottom should come loose.

I have often read that this idea is also useful for removing wax from a tablecloth.  I haven’t had that problem in a long time, so it’s been a while since I’ve done it, but if you rub an ice cube on the spilled wax, it hardens the wax and makes it easier to remove.

question markWhat are your wax removal tips?

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    Great idea! We always add a little water to the bottom of the candleholder and that seems to keep the wax from sticking too.

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    During a hurricane my friend accidentally knocked a candle over on my brand new comforter. It was splattered everywhere! After it hardened I scrapped it off with a butter and then (a week later when I got power back) I used paper towel and an iron on low heat to remove the wax. A lot of work, but was a success!

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