Kitchen Tip: Cutting Brownies

Do you ever have trouble cutting brownies?  The brownies always want to stick to the knife which makes cutting messy and leaves the brownies looking not so attractive.  I know, who really cares if they taste good?  But still, it is nice to present a neatly cut plate of brownies.

There is an extremely simple solution: use a plastic knife.

I learned this tip not long ago from my friend Amy at The Finer Things in Life.  She also says to cut the brownies while they are warm.  I haven’t paid much attention to that detail.  Maybe I usually cut them warm anyway.  I just know that the plastic knife makes a huge difference.

Try it.  You’ll be impressed.

In case you missed it recently, here’s my best brownie recipe.

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    I guess I never really thought about using a plastic knife for cutting brownies; then again, I do not recall ever having TOO much trouble with them to begin with, but I could see the plastic material being helpful. I know I have used a hard-plastic spatula to get cut and serve brownies; perhaps that produces a similar result. Either way, the brownies look delicious and it was an interesting tip!

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    For our bakery, we put the brownies in the freezer for a few hours and cut them with a big knife. But we are making 1/2 sheet size brownies and they all have to be the same size for our bakery! My challenge is getting the sheet of brownies out of the pan. They have been sticking to the parchment paper. My husband is now greasing and flouring the parchment paper. Sticky gluten free foods! 😉

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      I don’t use parchment paper, but I have found that I have to grease and flour (I use rice flour) the pan for them to come out cleanly. Freezing first does sound like it would help with cutting.

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    Wish I’d read this before I dished up my rocky road brownies last night. The topping went all over, and the brownies crumbled under the knife! Great tip, I will try and remember this next time!

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