Kitchen Tip: Cleaning Burnt on Food

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Today’s kitchen tip comes to us from Kelly at Loving Life’s Little Moments.  When you have burnt on food in the bottom of a pot, you can easily clean it with no scrubbing!  Kelly says,


“Liberally pour baking soda over the mess.  Now add a little water to make a paste.  Now walk away and let it sit.  There is no scrubbing involved–seriously! If the mess isn’t coming off easily, repeat the baking soda/water steps again and let it sit overnight.  Clean it in the morning with the breakfast dishes.”

You can see Kelly’s baking soda tip and pictures here.


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  1. Margaret says

    I soaked a Pyrex pie plate with soda and when it wasn’t enough, alternated it with vinegar. It had been stuck on a long time but finally came clean. I still have and use it after over 50 years. ~ Margaret

  2. Mae Beigh says

    When it comes to KP Duty, NOTHING beats plain, old tomato juice! It cuts through everything except the pan…LOL!

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