Kitchen Tip: Clean as You Go

Kitchen Tip

This week’s kitchen tip comes to us courtesy of Ellen of Gluten Free Diva.  Her tip is to clean as you go.  Ellen says,

“My mother always taught me that if you clean up as you move through your cooking prep, it will make for a much lighter load of cleaning when you’re finished cooking. Works like a charm every time!”

I have found this tip to be true for myself, but I don’t always do it.  I think the key is giving yourself more time.   When you are in a real hurry, you don’t take time to clean as you go.  This tip is especially helpful when you a cooking a really large meal, but it’s nice to have less clean up in the end any time you cook or bake .

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Do you usually clean as you go or leave it all to the end?

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  1. Heidi @ Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom says

    I'm very big on cleaning as I go…if not I would quickly find myself buried, with no way out, LOL!

  2. Jenn says

    This is such a great tip… I always say this and then I never do it… and I loathe doing the dishes so having a giant heap to clean after a meal is no fun at all…

  3. PAT says

    I find that if I take a few minutes to clean as I go, even though I don’t want to, it isn’t a chore. If I take 5 min. to empty the dishwasher, the clean up is quicker and less of a chore.

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