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When it comes to storing food, glass is preferable to plastic.  I have found quart size canning jars to be useful for storing many things.

While they can certainly be used for dry goods, here’s an example of how I use them for liquids.


The picture above shows four jars in my refrigerator.  The first has broth and onions left from a pork roast I cooked in the crock pot.  I almost always pour broth or stock into these jars.

The second is a jar of sun tea.  I place four tea bags in a quart of water and leave it in the sun for several hours.  I then dilute it with an equal amount of water.

The third is a jar of mint infused water.  When making mint tea I remove the leaves from the stem, but when making an infusion I just put stem and leaves in the water.  It’s much quicker, but the mint flavor is more subtle.  I used this jar of mint water to dilute the sun tea.

The last jar is either cucumber basil water (yum!) with the cucumbers and basil already removed or it is hummingbird nectar.  I can’t remember which and both are clear.

question markHow do you use canning jars?

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  1. says

    Hi and thanks for your great things that you write about..I love the use’s of what we can put in canning jars.I mean what cant we put in jars..From the smallest thing around the home to the biggest thing.My Grandmother and Mother taught me canning but i also find fun in the jars.,.So keep going strong..Chef.Lou

  2. says

    I can see it now, you go for a nice tall glass of cucumber basil water, and pour a glass of hummingbird nectar instead. Ha!

    I do love using quart jars for sun tea. It’s a good portion since I’m the only one who drinks it. I make it with all sorts of different herbal teas, so I get new flavors every couple of days. :)

  3. joan says

    Some of my canning jars are quite old and used to belong to my husband’s grandmother; they are precious. I store many things in my pantry in those old glass canning jars like beans, pasta, spices…also, I put dried herbs in the 4 oz. canning jars and they keep their scent for a very long time. If I put my baking powder and baking soda in glass canning jars, they never go “flat” and become unusable!

  4. Virginia says

    I fell in love with canning jars about a year ago. Just love looking in my cupboards and frig and being able to see exactly what I have. I read somewhere on the internet how someone puts their lettuce for salads in there and tried it and oh my I could not believe how long the lettuce lasted. Also my blueberries last an incredibly long time when stored in canning jars.

    I love canning jars :D!

  5. says

    We use them for canning, fermenting, storing, arts and craft projects, traveling, water bottles, and the list could go one. We have a few hundred so we always have a couple laying around waiting to be filled with the harvest. And they are also our primary drinking cup/glass.

    And if you dehydrate your own foods, you can use a food saver jar sealer to make the bounty last longer.

  6. says

    OMG, what do I NOT use these jars for? I use them for canning, for storing dried foods, for hauling around tea (use my smaller pint jars to bring tea from home to work for lunch). I use them to organize my craft area, my office, and pretty much any area that I have small items that need a home. LOL.

  7. Do it the moroccan way says

    Lovely post and tips. Thanks for sharing!! Use them as vases, they look cute, or to collect coins!

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