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When you buy a pack of bacon, do you ever have trouble getting the slices apart?  One thing you can do is roll the package lengthwise.  It helps to separate the pieces and makes it easier to remove individual slices.

I like to use Applewood Farms bacon.  It’s gluten free and has no added nitrites or nitrates.

question markI  love bacon.  Do you?

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  1. cheryl boone says:

    Bacon, mmmmm, bacon!

  2. Oh, yes, we love bacon! That’s a good idea to roll the package lengthwise –sometimes I’ve used two forks to separate the slices, and sometimes I just have to let it warm up from refrig to room temp before it will separate easily. No matter how much I fix, it seems to disappear…so if I fix extra, I have to stash it into freezer baggies quickly!

  3. We also eat the Applewood Farms bacon, but in the turkey since we don’t eat any pork products. It is the BEST !

  4. I love bacon. This is a great tip!
    I bake my bacon in the oven. Less mess and it gets nice and crispy.

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