Kitchen Organization Tips

What room of your house do you return to repeatedly throughout the day?  (Bathroom doesn’t count. )

When you have company, in what room of your house do people tend to congregate?

The kitchen.  It’s the hub of a house, and therefore can quickly become messy and disorganized.

Winter is a good time to clean out and organize your kitchen so it is a room you enjoy.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t have as much space as we would like. Here are a few tips for making the most of your kitchen space.

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Clean Out

Start by getting rid of what you don’t need.  You really have to be ruthless here, especially if your kitchen is particularly small.  Do you really need 20 mugs taking up valuable cabinet space?

If there are items you only use occasionally, such as when company comes, consider storing them in another room.

Maximize Cabinet Space

Cabinets are the most obvious storage space in a kitchen, and often they can be used more efficiently.

1.  Turntables (Lazy Susans)  – Round storage space is not as efficient as square storage in terms of how much you can fit in.  However, sometimes using a round turntable makes the space more useful.

It depends on what you are storing and the size of the space.  For items that are small compared to the space, a turntable can make those items accessible.

Turntables can often be found at thrift stores and yard sales, and they’re usually easy to clean.

2.  Spice Racks – A spice rack is another organizational tool that allows you to access small items.  There are a variety of spice racks available.  I particularly like drop down spice racks.  I have two—one is used for spices and the other is used for vitamin and medicine bottles.

3.  Pull OutsPull outs also allow you to easily reach what is in back.  A pull out can be used on any shelf, particularly in a lower cabinet with large items.

A very basic and inexpensive pull out would be a large cardboard or plastic box in the bottom of your cabinet.  Rather than trying to reach over things to get the item in the back, just slide the box out and remove the item easily.

You can also buy pull outs at home improvement stores that you install yourself (look in the organization isle).

4.  Make Use of Cabinet Doors – People often forget about this space. When you close your cabinet door there is usually a little room between the door and the items you have stored.  This space can be utilized by using the inside of the cabinet door as storage.

If you are handy, you can attach strips of wood to the door, then add hooks for hanging measuring cups and spoons.   You can also buy organizers that hang on the inside of doors.  Just remember that you need to plan your door so the items do not hit a shelf when the door is closed.

Cabinet doors can also be used to hold papers.  I use sticky tack to put up things like phone lists, a recycle list, and recipes that are used often.

5.  The Underside of Upper Cabinets – If you frequently use mugs, you might want to consider hanging them from your upper cabinets.  You can also get paper towels off your counter by using a paper towel holder that mounts to the underside of a cabinet.


Make Use of Wall Space

Don’t forget about your walls as storage area.   If done well, wall items can look very neat and organized.

1.  Magnetic Strips – These are great for knives and there is the added benefit of how convenient they are when you’re ready to chop.

There are also metal spice containers that are made for mounting on magnetic strips.  This is another item I chose to buy because I do a lot of baking.  I use the tins for baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, salt, and a few other things I commonly use in baking.  The strip hangs on the wall in the baking area of my kitchen.

2. TrivetsTrivets can be decorative and useful.  If hung on the wall, they look like a decoration.  When you need a trivet, you know exactly where to find it, and it’s easy to grab.

3.  Hanging Pots – Don’t forget about the ceiling for hanging cookware.  There are many pot racks to choose from.  Because pots and pans are so large, hanging them can free up a significant amount of cabinet space.

Think Creatively

When organizing your kitchen, think creatively.  Do you put something in a particular place simply because it’s always been there?

Maybe your spices are in an overcrowded cabinet, but you have an extra drawer they could sit in.  Label the tops of the bottles, and put the spices in the drawer.

Maybe you really want a basket that hangs on the cabinet door, but can’t afford one.  I’m sure there are creative ways to come up with a solution!

orange question markDo you have a favorite kitchen organization tool or tip?

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