Kinnikinnick Cookies Review & Giveaway


I am always grateful for companies like Kinnikinnick who produce nothing but gluten-free products.  While it doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of cross contamination, it does reduce it significantly.  Their mission is to provide an “uncontaminated, risk free source of food products.”

In addition to being gluten free, most of their products are also casein or dairy free.  That’s great news for me and many others.  The only products which are not casein free are:

  • Tapioca Rice Cheese Bread
  • Fruit Cake (seasonal)
  • Chocolate Covered Almond Biscotti
  • KinniBetik Chocolate Chunk Cookies


If you are ever unsure, look for the notices on the package.  Many are also nut free!

For this review I was able to sample the S’moreables (graham type cracker), three flavors of KinniKritters (animal crackers), the Montanas Chocolate Chip Cookies, and two flavors of KinniToos (Oreo type sandwich cookies).

All of these were very good.  I’m going to highlight two of them—one with praise and one with criticism.


KinniToos Vanilla Sandwich Creme Cookies:

My son tried these cookies and practically shouted, “These are good!” He said they were better than regular cookies and informed his brothers that they were his.  (Keep in mind this is a 20 year old.)  Smile

I had to agree.  They were very good, though I didn’t get many of them.  They are sweet.  The cookie is crunchy, but not too hard.  The filling is light and creamy.


I have to admit I was disappointed.  They are not bad at all, but I didn’t think they worked well for s’mores.  First, is the size.  They are rectangles that can be broken in half like a regular graham cracker, expect it is a significantly smaller rectangle, making the squares smaller.  Also, I found they did not break along the dotted line well at all.

The crackers are thicker and harder than a normal graham cracker.  That combined with the small size meant that everything in the middle pretty much got squeezed out when I took a bite.

The flavor isn’t bad.  It’s not exactly like a graham cracker, but I wouldn’t expect it to be.  I didn’t try dipping them since I don’t drink milk and my son didn’t try it either.  They might work well for that or as a sweet cracker by themselves.

Other Cookies:

I’m sure you’re wondering about the chocolate sandwich cookies. They were good, but we both liked the vanilla ones better. Nothing gluten free is going to taste exactly like an Oreo, but they are good.

The animal cookies come in vanilla, chocolate, and “graham cracker” flavors.  All three are good and would probably be a hit with younger kids.  The vanilla ones reminded me of the vanilla sandwich crème cookies.

There wasn’t a single cookie that we disliked the taste or texture of.  All of them were good and worth trying if you or your kid misses these kinds of cookies, which can be hard to make at home.

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The Giveaway:  One winner will receive the above pictured packages of cookies (7 in all!).  This giveaway is only limited to addresses without a P.O. box!

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The giveaway will end on Friday, September 23rd at 11:00 pm eastern time.  The winner will be contacted by email and will have 24 hours to respond after being contacted.

Disclaimer:  I was provided with the above pictured products to sample. The opinions in this post are my own.

Update:  Congratulations to Karesha Bailey who won this giveaway!

About Linda Etherton

Linda has been gluten free since 2000 when I was diagnosed with celiac disease which propelled me into the world of gluten-free cooking and baking. I am convinced that gluten-free food can and should be delicious, and I never apologize for serving it.
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  1. I would love to win these!

  2. The smoreables are the only product above I don’t love. You’re right though the vanilla k-toos are AMAZING! I totally love them.

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    We’ve never tried this, so we would love to win these and give them a shot.

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  13. I reeeeally like the sandwich cookies. They are better than oreos in my opinion! I don’t need gluten free food but my sister is on a gf diet so I’ll give these to her, and maybe she’ll share! 😉

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  22. I absolutely LOVE the graham crackers by Kinnikinnick. If you have not tried them- you should! I was hesitant because of the price at my grocery store- almost $5 a box! But they make the best smores… I like them better than regular grahams honestly!!

  23. Janis S. says:

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  34. I did use the s’moreables for S’mores. I was the first time I had a S’more in years. I liked them, but I did think they were more like graham cookies than crackers.

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  36. The two products you reviewed are the only two Kinninick cookies my family has tried. Interestingly, we liked the graham crackers, though we agreed that they are too hard and thick. We didn’t care for the vanilla sandwich cookies, preferring the Glutino and MiDel sandwich cookies instead.

    I would love to try additional Kinninick products!

  37. That’s a bummer about the graham cracker-like cookies, they sound delicious!

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  50. Hesperis says:

    I’ve been desperately craving cookies recently and these look munchable.

  51. Thanks for your review of these cookies. I have not seen the graham style crackers. now I know not to stock up on them when I see them. Since I have never found gluten free graham crackers, I would like to try at least 1 box for my son. We agree with your review of the K-Toos. :)

  52. I found the S’moreables and like them with smores, even in the microwave they are pretty good. Not great plain, but with a marshmellow they are good. I have not tried the other cookies.

  53. Sylvie LeBlanc says:

    I want to win this for my 7 year old on a gluten free casein free diet please !!!
    Thanks ! We love Kinnikinnick foods !! :)

  54. I’ve tried three of the cookies in the giveaway. I’d love to try the other four.

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  65. Connie says:

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    • Yes, the giveaway is open to Canadian residents as long as you have an address that is not a P.O. box.

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    I’ve tried both of the oreo-like cookies, once for a crust and the other just to eat with milk. both were delicious, and I can’t wait to try their other kinds!

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  75. Kelly Klein says:

    Oohhhh I would love to win these. My son and I are both GF and my son is also dairy free. These snacks are a very delicious treat! Please pick me (and my son!)

  76. Kelly Klein says:

    I didn’t know Kinniknnick had a FB page until now! I liked their page and plan to visit it often!

  77. The K-toos look great. My child loved Oreos before we knew he could not have them and always used them as a birthday snack at school as a treat for him because they were safe, store bought(the rules) and he loved them. Would love to try them.

  78. Kelly Klein says:

    I thought I already subscribed to the Gluten Free Homemaker. But went to check just in case….Glad I did because i wasn’t subscribed! Now I can’t wait to get updates from you!

  79. Love the chocolate sandwich cookies and have used the ghram crackers a couple of times for different things. Very good products. Would love to win a little package to enjoy in the fall and winter months. :^)

    Also, really like the way you have the comments set up to confirm we’re not spammers. Quick, easy, and I hope effective for you.

  80. Ali Avera says:

    The graham crackers are awesome! Would love to try the others

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    I already like you on Facbook! I enjoy getting the updates. Please pick me…I’m a single parent who has two disabled children. I am GF as well as my son! My son is also Dairy Free! These snacks accommodate both his food allergies! It sure would be a welcome treat and little bit of break in the grocery bill!

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    i love Kinnikinnick Cookies. My son (4 years old) and I are recently Gluten-free’rs. It was way easier for me than him because…cookies! We spent alot of “trial & error” cash finding the BEST cookie for him. Enter Kinnikinnick…Search over! The Chocolate sandwich and Chocolate animal crackers are his fave…next in line Chocolate Chip. Here’s where the tru compliment lies…my husband who is NOT Gluten free on many occassions has had to be reprimanded for eating my son’s cookies. Thanks! (I’ve liked Kinnikinnick’s page, thanks cuz I didnt know they had one, i’m already a blog Subscriber and Facebook friend)

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  109. LOVE….LOVE these products- feed a family of 5 GF and with 3 kiddos we have tried about every cookie- and LOVE these! Would love to win these!

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    I love the gluten free homemaker and follow it on facebook. We were recently diagnosed with gluten allergies and welcome the opportunity to try out any and all new foods. Everything is so expensive and my daughter is only 8 and wants to feel like a normal kid, so we try to find the best tasting stuff but can’t afford to try everything. This would be awesome to win so my daughter could try the cookies out.

  114. I would love to win these for my teen daughter who is now gluten free, and just loves cookies!

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    The cookies I have tried of their’s are very good!

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  125. Kimberly B. says:

    My little girl has tried out the chocolate chip and chocolate vanilla creme ones…she seems to enjoy them a lot. It would be great to see how well she would like the others…so nice to have extra options. She is such a picky eater and she is on a GFCF diet…so every bit helps out. (P.S.–we entered in the giveaway and did all the requested submissions). Thanks!

    • Kimberly, you need to leave a separate comment for each submission. Take a look at some of the other comments to see what I mean. I use a program that randomly picks a comment so it can only count one comment one time.

  126. Shannon LeMmon says:

    Best cookies! Love them to make pie crusts! Pick me!

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  130. We do not have this brand at our grocery,would love to try them.

  131. Mechiell says:

    Kinnikinnick cookies to me are the only REAL gluten free cookie that qualifies to be called cookie!!! When first diagnosed I ate a lot of taste less hard rocks that called themselves cookies. I love all Kinnikinnick products, especially the Ktoos and their smoreables. I would love to win these cookies!!! I have to drive 30 minutes to get my Kinnikinnick fix, nearest store that carries them.

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  143. I’d love to win this give away! Its always nice to try more gluten free foods.

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  145. My little munchkin would love to they this stuff :)

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    I have used the smorables for a cheesecake crust… Blended them in a food processor with almonds. It turned out yummy! Also, the chocolate k-toos are good crumbled & mixed in vanilla ice cream. Tastes like oreos n cream!

  211. I would love to win these. I have only tried the graham crackers and did not think that they were to bad but I agree that they are thick and not the best smore’s cracker.

  212. I subscribe {and love your posts. :)}.

  213. Mary Lou ridler says:

    i live on the graham crackers. no matter how bad my stomach is hurting, i can eat these. keep them in a snack bag in my purse for when i’m out and about too!

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  259. I go through a lot of their Smores during the summer. My kids love that they can have smores with their friends and never be left out. Thank you!

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  261. Those look yummy, I’d love to try them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  262. Michelle says:

    Love your facebook page & kinnikinnick! Made s’mores for my daughters class for celiac awareness day & everyone her classmates awe me they now beg for her to bring snack again soon :)

  263. Lynne Klassen says:

    FINALLY some cookies I might like. I look forward to trying these. Thanks always for your info!!

  264. Michelle says:

    * everytime her classmates see me
    Sorry auto correct.

  265. I Love Kinnikinick! In fact, we all do here!

  266. I already follow you on fb!

  267. I already follow kinnikinnick on fb too!

  268. I do ‘love’ and ‘like’ the Gluten Free Homemaker on Facebook. I get alot of great info from your site! I also just ‘liked’ kinnikinnick on FB. Our son has tried the smores crackers, and was not to thrilled with them either. However, he has not tried the chocolate cookies that look like ‘oreo’. And, I have to say that before he was diagnosed 2 years ago, ‘oreos’ were a staple in our home and were his favorite. To be honest, I am always afraid to spend the money and then find out that he (10 years old) does not like them. This would be a great opportunity for him to try some of the products, if we were to be selected. Thanks so much for having opportunities for people to try new products!

  269. Love these products…from the cookies to the pizza crust to the baking mixes, they have THE BEST stuff

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    Love their products!

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    “liked” gluten free homemaker on facebook

  273. joan funk says:

    I would love this. Cannot find kinnikinnick here in san jose. And i don’t get to san francisco often enough.

  274. I would love to try your cookies as I am trying to keep better diet with Gluten Free as a diabetic.

  275. Terra Darnall says:

    I subscribe and I already LIKE you! You rock! Thanks so much for this chance to try some Kinnikinnick cookies. I haven’t had the pleasure, only recently having become gluten free! CRAVING something sweet!

  276. I have two munchkins that would love to gobble these up!

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