Keeping a Clean Kitchen: Microwave & Toaster Oven

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October’s clean kitchen task shouldn’t be too time consuming.  All you have to do is thoroughly clean any small ovens you have such as a microwave oven, toaster oven, or other countertop oven.

I do not have a toaster oven, but I do have a NuWave Oven which I really like.  It’s easy to clean, but I will give it a little extra attention this month.

Most of us own a microwave oven, so here is what I recommend when cleaning it thoroughly:
Open microwave hanging over white range --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

  • Remove the glass plate and wash it thoroughly
  • Remove the loose piece with wheels (if yours is loose) and wash that thoroughly.  Otherwise wipe off the wheels as best you can.
  • Use a natural cleaner such as Bon Ami Liquid All-Purpose Cleaner to clean the inside and outside of the oven.
  • If your microwave sits on the counter top, unplug it and pull it out.  Clean the back and underside of the oven.
  • If your microwave hangs over your stove, be sure to clean the underside well.
  • You might want to use a toothbrush to clean areas where there are grooves or vents.

question markWhat are your tips for cleaning a microwave oven?

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  1. sharon says

    make baked potatoes and then wrap them in towels to keep them warm, while the microwave is still hot and steamy from the potatoes, clean it while everything is moist and easy to remove with a paper towel or other soft rag. Eat your potato with yummy toppings while enjoying the view of your newly cleaned oven :)

  2. says

    Cut up a lemon and place it in a bowl of water. Put the bowl of lemon water in the microwave, and turn it on. Run the microwave until it is all steamy. Remove the bowl and wipe the inside of the microwave. The lemon-steam cuts the grease and makes everything come off really easily, and smell super good and fresh. This method also eliminates the use of any icky chemical cleaners in the microwave.

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