Keeping a Clean Kitchen: Inside of Upper Cabinets

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In March we cleaned the outside of our cabinets.  In July and August, we’re going to clean the inside.  I have broken it down into two months because cleaning out the inside is more work.  This month we’ll focus on the upper cabinets, and next month we’ll do the lower ones.

If you have a closet pantry, you might want to work on that over the next couple of months.  Consider it a large cabinet.

What the job will look like for me:

  • Take it one cabinet at a time.
  • Remove everything from the cabinet.
  • Clean the inside shelves and walls of the cabinet (the doors were done in March).
  • Clean the contents of the cabinet if needed (some of my flour containers need a good cleaning).
  • Organize and replace the contents of the cabinet (throw out, put in a different place, put in a container that works better, etc.)

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How did your small appliance cleaning go?

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