Keeping a Clean Kitchen: Inside of Lower Cabinets

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As I promised last month, we’ll finish cleaning the inside of cabinets this month by focusing on the lower cabinets.

I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to copy and paste the information I posted on upper cabinets.

If you have a closet pantry, continue working on that this month.  Consider it a large cabinet.

What the job will look like for me:

  • Take it one cabinet at a time.
  • Remove everything from the cabinet.
  • Clean the inside shelves and walls of the cabinet (the doors were done in March).
  • Clean the contents of the cabinet if needed (some of my flour containers need a good cleaning).
  • Organize and replace the contents of the cabinet (throw out, put in a different place, put in a container that works better, etc.)

question markHow did your upper cabinet cleaning go?

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