Keeping a Clean Kitchen: Drawers

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I’ll admit that I didn’t quite finish last month’s task.  It was a busy month, and with company here I was doing other more important cleaning.  I still hope to finish the upper cabinet doors.

This month I thought we could tackle cleaning out the inside of drawers.  Even though I put clean utensils into the utensil drawer, the utensil tray still gets dirty over time. It happens with all my drawers.  You know what I mean.  There are crumbs or a little bit of flour, maybe a few dark bits of ground coffee.

But besides the actual cleaning of the drawers, drawers are notoriously bad for getting junky.  It helps to periodically go through and weed out the things you don’t use and organize the things you do use.

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April:  Clean Out All Your Kitchen Drawers

  • Completely empty each drawer (one at a time is best :) ).
  • Clean the inside of the empty drawer.
  • Clean any drawer organizers.
  • Get rid of items you don’t use.
  • Move items that are in the wrong place.
  • Return items you use to the drawer.
  • Organize the drawer as needed.

I haven’t had much response since the first month I started this series.  Are you all with me on this?  Leave a comment or send me an email and let me know if this Keeping a Clean Kitchen series is helpful to you.

question markDo you have any tips for organizing drawers?

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  1. Susan Jacobs says

    I just found you last month and love your site. I did get all of my cabinets clean on the outside which was a big job because it had not been done in a long time. I like that you give a monthly project and it helps me stay focused and motivated. I seem to bounce around from one thing to another and never get anything finished. Now to tackle those kitchen drawers!!!

  2. says

    Your cleaning series has sparked some incentive in me to return to a forgotten cleaning schedule from days past. That’s a good thing! It works so much better on a schedule than “when I think of it.” Thanks for showing simple, thorough ways to make things look spiffy again :-)

  3. says

    Funny you should mention drawers. I noticed just the other day when a my cutlery tray was nearly empty, how much ‘gunk’ there was inside. I had to clean it. And while I was at it, the rest of that particular drawer too. Probably won’t get to the rest any time soon, but the top drawer does look, well, top drawer!

  4. says

    Funny how today’s thing was about cleaning out drawers. I just did this yesterday with a few of mine. They were jammed pack with boxes of foil, saran wrap and baggies. Sad thing was, half were empty haha

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