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Recently I was contacted by iHerb, an online company that sells grocery items as well as vitamins and supplements.  They also carry many gluten free foods.  I’m so glad they contacted me because  I wasn’t familiar with the company.    They gave me a $50 shopping spree in their grocery section and are offering the same thing to one lucky winner.

They have a nice assortment of gluten-free foods and I tried to choose a variety of things.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of everything when the package arrived.  This picture shows some of the things I received, but there was also a box of cookies, a package of wild rice, and a box of risotto.  It was a lot for $50.  I actually received a whole box of the  Lara Bars.  I had not tried them before, and was glad I did.  They were good, and provided a great handy snack on our ski trip.

If you are interested in shopping at iHerb, please use my code LUT727 or my email address, [email protected]  Doing so will give you $5 off your first order and help me out a little.  :-)  Their shipping rates are very reasonable with free shipping for orders over $40 when shipped anywhere in the contiguous United States.

The Giveaway is open to US resident and the winner will be required to register at the website.   To enter, take a quick look at  the  iHerb grocery items or their gluten free foods.  Leave a comment on this post telling me at least one thing you think you would order.  Please provide an email address so I can contact you.  The giveaway will end Wednesday, February 3rd at 11:00 p.m. eastern time.

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  1. Heather says

    Love iHerb! One thing I would get is Ultima because we like to use it and don't buy it much (a bit expensive). It's an electrolyte powder but doesn't have carbonates.

  2. Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater says

    Coconut flour & chia seeds, 2 things I've been wanting to try. brennakate @ gmail :)

  3. firebear says

    I never knew they existed. It is always nice to have alternative ways to shop.
    We would like to Try the Larabars. We have looked at them a few times and still have not tried them.
    We order Gultinos Pretzels when ever we can. We love those. The pricing for them is not bad either.

    Thank You
    Live Laugh and Enjoy!
    Home Spun Magic

  4. Suzanne Moreton says

  5. karen says

    My son loves the Glutino pretzels and breakfast bars! I'd want to try the Lundberg Risotto's we haven't already had the pleasure of sampling … which would mean all of them except for the Italian Herb & Alfredo :)
    whoopseedaisee @ verizon . net

  6. Jennifer says

    I am sorry to see the Glutino Chocolate Dream sandwich cookies discontinued as I had bought them in the past. I saw them for the first time at a Raley's supermarket. I would like to try the Glutino wafer cookies. I have tried the pretzels and they are good but so expensive.

  7. Heather says

    ooh I have not heard of this site either until today. thank you for sharing! if I won, oh my, the things I would buy! One very important thing on that list would be the Glutino, Sans Gluten Free, Wafer Cookies, Vanilla Flavored/Chocolate covered wafers. Oh sooo good!
    Thank you for sharing the give away with us!

  8. jenn says

    thanks for sharing this link – i had not heard of this company before. i would love to try the risottos.

  9. Erica says

    I was not familiar with their site but it looks fantastic. I would love to order the cherry pie Lara Bars and the Whey Too Good Brownie Mix!

  10. Babetta says

  11. StrangeDaze says

    I would definitely buy the Lara bars and the risotto. I am supposed to stay to a gluten-free diet for fibromyalgia and I bet this would help. They have so many wonderful products!

  12. Michelle M says

    I love Aubrey Organics shampoo and conditioner and iHerb has a great price on it so I think I would stock up on it! My favorites are the Green Tea shampoo and the Honeysuckle Rose conditioner. Thanks to you and iHerb for a generous giveaway!

  13. Heather says

    I would order the 'Himalaya USA, Chyavanprash with Honey', I LOVE honey + it looks fantastic!

  14. KerryAnn says

  15. Mikki says

    I just recently ordered for the first time from iHerb and was very pleased with their products. I would love to buy some Xanthan gum and millet flour!!

  16. CatB for HypFoods says

    Have bought from iHerb before as a 3rd party on Amazon. Love Lundgren, love Larabar. I would buy either of these from their site.

  17. Nina says

    I would buy xanthan gum, quinoa flour, tapioca flour to name just a few things. Would love to win. Thanks!

  18. virlba5150 says

  19. Mikki Black says

    Thanks for the heads-up on this website; I hadn't heard of them, either. I am super-interested in their site now. Much of what I have to travel a half-hour to buy they carry, and only $4.00 for shipping? Or free shipping for orders over $40?! I think I'm in love. :)

    Thanks for the contest!

  20. Palila says

    I'd get some Larabars (they have some kinds I haven't tried yet!) or some breakfast bars/easy food. I've been looking for yummy (gluten free) items to stash in my desk or grab when going out the door. (palila at gmail)

  21. Devildogwife says

    I hadn't heard about this site either. The prices look good, and they carry gluten free items that I haven't been able to find locally ~ including sorghum flour and tapioca flour. I would love to be able to stock up on my baking staples. Thank you!!

  22. G. says

    I've never heard of this site, thanks for sharing. I would definitely order Lara Bars (my fave) and probably some glutino pretzels. Before going g-free I ate whole wheat pretzels a lot. It's a great site, I'll probably be ordering from there!

  23. Lori in SC says

  24. Theresa ? says

    Thanks for sharing about this company. I've never heard of it either. We are new to the gluten free diet so there are a lot of things we would like to try. The Glutino pretzels look yummy and I'd love to try the Lara bars too. I've seen them at our grocery store but never bought them.

  25. Aubree Cherie says

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the giveaway! I've had an ongoing shopping list from iHerb saved for a while, I need to place that order! I'd really like to try some of their supplements as well as a couple different brands of coconut oil.

    Thanks again! ~Aubree Cherie

  26. Elaine says

    I would love to try the Xantham Gum, I'm a gluten free newbie, but I love to bake.


  27. Anna says

    i've been wanting to experiment with different flours, and it would be so wonderful to get everything from the same place! we all know that you have to mix lots of flours, depending on what you're making, but it's often hard to find the ones i need (arrowroot, teff, millet, sweet rice, to be specific!)

  28. Binie says

    I would really like to try the tapioca flour. I always see its needed in many recipes and never actually got it yet. I would also like to trya type of sesame pretzel – such as glutinos.
    Thanks so much for another great giveaway!

  29. shortnsweet says

    Oh my gosh. Ok, so I'm like a kid in a candy store. Flour, mixes, bars, pasta! Everything! But really, the chocolate truffle brownie mix will be in my dreams tonight. Am I still drooling?

    Thanks for the chance

  30. Carol Conway-Fleisher says

  31. Castal says

    I had never heard of iHerb… but if it is a place that I can consistently get my Bannana Bread Lara Bars I will be a happy camper! I loooooove that particular variety and the closest place that I can (occasionally) get them is over 70 miles away!

  32. sugar monster says

  33. Stephanie says

    Wow, I would definitely stock up on some almond flour and sorghum flour for my baking! The prices are fabulous! I can't believe I've been paying so much at the HFS…glad I know better now :) Thanks Linda!

  34. Deanna G. says

    I'd love to get the Lundberg, Rice Chips, Fiesta Lime!

    calidreamin87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. Jessie says

    I'd love to stock up on some mixes (Bob's Red Mill, GF Pantry) as well as snacks like Larabars and Glutino pretzels!

    kochac22 @ yahoo . com

  36. Anonymous says

  37. The Lees says

  38. Heidi J says

    I think I would order the Now Foods, Whey Too Good, Brownie Mix!

    chalcedonia at gmail.com

  39. ~dab says

    I would try quinoa or almond flour… haven't decided yet. (my email address is visible in my profile)

  40. annalene says

    I would like to try the nutrional yeast flakes from the site!

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

    email address is visible in profile

  41. Liz says

    Oooh. They have a great selection! I would for sure get some coconut flour. I love that stuff!

    thegoodeatah at gmail dot com

  42. DMarie says

    I would like to try several things (of course!). Glutino Vanilla Dreams Sandwich Cookies or Glutino Shortcake Cookies Shortcake Dreams, or Glutino Honey Nut cereal.

  43. Anonymous says

    Wow – my first foray into gluten-free recipes, and I found this blog. How lucky is that? Just today my doctor told me to start gluten-free cooking and baking so almost anything on that wonderful site would be new to me. I know I need some Xanthan Gum and those Larabars look scrumptious – a handy treat to have in my purse when out and about to avoid forbidden items.

    Thanks so much for investing time and effort into this blog. I've bookmarked it already!

    Anneta B (I don't know how to leave an email for you that won't be published with my comments, but I will be checking back. I do live in OP KS so that can sort of identify me.)

  44. Melinda says

    I would definitely order some amazing grass protein powder and some larabars!! Great giveaway!!! :)

  45. Melinda says

  46. Sherazada says

    LARABARS!!! My favorite on the go snack! I also wouldn't mind several different gf flours… I've been experimenting in the kitchen lately.


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