I Have Become Like My Mom

It’s the extremes that make up my childhood memories—the special things and the bad things, but not a lot of the in between stuff.  There are many special memories of my mom, like the special birthday cakes and flannel night gowns she made.  Among the bad things are foods like lima beans and peas.  And then there were the foods that Mom tried to make healthier.

imageShe would add buckwheat flour to pancakes, which for some reason I thought was horrible.  I don’t think so now, and my kids don’t either.  Maybe she added something else with it.  She added wheat germ, nuts, and raisins to baked goods, which totally ruined them for me.

I can remember thinking that I wish she wouldn’t ruin perfectly good foods by trying to make them healthier.  When I became a mother, I vowed that I wouldn’t do that to my kids.

But guess what?  Recently one of my kids asked me to make chocolate chip cookies.  He said he wanted them the normal way without anything different done to them.  That’s when I realized I had become like my mom.

I try using sugar substitutes for at least part of the sugar.  I try using better oils, such as coconut oil, which, until I recently bought Tropical Traditions brand, made foods that shouldn’t taste like coconut taste like coconut.  I try using healthier flours, and I add things like chia seeds.

I guess that’s what moms do, and I can’t say that I’m going to stop doing it.  However, I did make my son a batch of perfectly normal chocolate chip cookies, and I loved his response.

chocolate chip cookies

He ate a cookie and said, “Mmmmmm.  Thank you.”

I’m going to keep trying to use healthier ingredients, but I also want to make food they enjoy.  Desserts aren’t really expected to be healthy, and an indulgent treat once in a while is okay.  I hope I can keep a balance, and along the way, teach my kids to enjoy healthier options.

Are you that kind of mom?

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  1. Blue says

    I am not a mom, but if I ever will be, I know that I will try to get my kids used to at least a moderate amount of healthy foods. I know that there are so many kids these days who barely eat any vegetables and fruits or healthy snacks.

  2. Christine Robinett says

    Ha ha. I’m exactly the opposite of my mother. She’s done every yo-yo, crazy diet possible and even tried to imposethem on me as a tween/teen. She even did that dangerous liquid protein and took Phen-Fen AFTER it was already brought into question. I’m not sure what her reasoning has been but she acted as if she (and by association, we kids) were immune to this craziness because of her career in nursing. She fed us a lot of junk, really. And now wonders why she has a heart condition, auto-immune disease and is obese. I started exploring vegetarianism and healthier forms of eating as a teen back in the 70’s. My food choices and career path as a CAM doctor has been fuel for critisism and even violence ever since. When I realized I needed to go gluten-free then grain-free after decades of gluten “lite”, it became such a point of contention, I had no choice but to sever communication with her and my sisters in order to live safely

  3. Betty says

    The more I learn about so called “healthy alternatives,” the more
    I realize there are studies to prove just about anything is healthy.

    “It is all marketing.”

    Now, I am seeing studies showing that the so called “healthier” choices
    aren’t necessarily healthier.

    I for one am much better off using simple white rice, and, starches.
    The more I increased fiber, whole grains, greens, seeds, and nuts, the
    worse my health became.

    All of the above listed foods contain anti-nutrients too. These anti-nutrients
    play hardball with my already taxed immune system.

  4. Betty says

    I also wanted to say, the cookies look great!

    I am happy you made them just the way he liked them!

    Way to go Mom! :)

  5. Terri says

    I am a “Cat Mommy”, as some little neighbor kids called me. My cats eat “grain-free” healthy cat food, and always will, and they seem to like it OK. If I had human children, they would eat healthy also.

  6. Barb says

    My neighbor has a small sign in her kitchen that reads, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall. I am my mother after all.” LOL.

  7. says

    I’m not a mother yet, but I KNOW that I’m going to be that kind of mother.

    My mother tried to do various things with us, like teaching us how to forage, but I think she started a little too late. We were older and were worried about our friends thinking we were nuts for running around in the woods for food. 😉

    Now I wish I would have paid attention!

  8. says

    hehehe, I do this to myself all the time. I have so many food issues beyond gluten/dairy that I try to add the vegetables that I can eat where ever I can. I toss some finely chopped spinach/kale/green into mashed potatoes, gravy, sauces and stews. I make a tomato free tomato sauce that is carrots, sweet potatoes, red pepper and beets (for color). On the very rare occasions that I bake bread, I use a bit of teff flour. And I recently found that while I don’t like brown rice, I do like brown jasmine and basmati rices.

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