How to Soften Butter

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Linnaea from I Am Gluten Free shares how to soften butter when you need it softened quickly.  Her method does not use the microwave.

This tip was new to me.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it seems that it would work well and warm the butter evenly.


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    Interesting! I haven’t done that method before. I use two approaches for a non-microwave method for softening butter. One is to beat the butter into submission, literally. Leaving the butter in its wrapper, I beat it several times with my rolling pin, then use my spatula to remove it from the wrapper into the bowl. Then a little more creaming with the wooden spoon is sometimes needed. The second is to slice the butter very thin into my mixing bowl and then cream it with my wooden spoon (a mixer would work, too). Both obviously require a little muscle power, but not too much for me, and I like the bit of a workout for my arms. 😉


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    Yeah, in Culinary school we just beat it into creaming ready temperature. Parchment on bottom, parchment on top and get out any left over aggression from the Chef telling you how horrible of a person you were for letting your souffle fall. (Not really but they did give us plenty of reasons to hate them while in the class, but now I’m thankful every day for what they taught us and how) Also, they were the ones who told us to get our frustration with them out on the butter/bread/ whatever we were beating silly that day. It was with purpose. xp

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