How to Be Gluten Free

How to Be Gluten Free: 10 Steps to a Gluten-Free Life is an eBook that I have written to help people who are getting started on the gluten-free diet.  How to Be Gluten Free (affiliate link) is available for only $2.99 at the Amazon Kindle Store, but you don’t have to own a Kindle to be able to read it.

Amazon’s free reading apps allow you to read Kindle books on your computer or smart phone.

About the eBook

For most people, going gluten free or having a child or spouse go gluten free is very overwhelming and often discouraging.  Sometimes it’s even depressing.  How to Be Gluten Free is intended to give hope and help to those who are on a gluten-free diet for any reason.

Ten chapters give ten steps to take in the process, starting with the most basic but very important step of facing emotions.  Giving up food is a grieving process for many, and acknowledging that is the first step to handling it successfully.

The remaining steps are more practical in nature and help people learn what they need to know to successfully buy and prepare gluten-free food, supplements, and personal care products as well as eat out safely, and connect with others.

This is not a cookbook, but a few recipes are included in an appendix to get people started.

How to Be Gluten Free

Table of Contents

1. Face Your Emotions
2. Learn the Basics
3. Plan Your Kitchen
4. Conquer Cross Contamination
5. Read Labels
6. Cook to Be Healthy
7. Bake to Enjoy
8. Dine Out Safely
9. Check Supplements and Personal Care Products
10. Connect with Others
Appendix A: Getting Glutened
Appendix B: Recipes
About the Author

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8 Comments to “How to Be Gluten Free”

My lip. Eyelid.Or a finger has gotten red and swelledMy allergy doctor tested me and it showed I am not allergic to any foods.Most of the time when it has done this it was after I had eaten something with wheat in it.I also get congested a lot and have a lot of sinus infections.Do you have any suggestions what could be causing this?


    Trudy,I don’t have any experience with the symptoms your explaining.However, I will say that gluten intolerance or celiac disease is different than an allergy and can cause strange symptoms.Also, I don’t always trust doctors when it comes to food allergies.One food allergist said he had never heard of a corn allergy.I hope you’re able to figure it out.


    My aunt had her lip swell and went to lots of doctors.After many she found out she was allergic to blue dye.She is 60 and this just happened out of the blue!I hope this helps you.


When it does this , which is ever so often,my breathing is never affected.


    Thank you.The first time my lip ever did that was after I drank a shake at chick fil a.I suppose it could have had something in it that bothered me.I am going to eat glutten free for awhile to see if that helps.My internal medicine doctor said it could be anintolerance to glutten,He wanted me to try eating glutten free for a month to see if I feel better.I also need to get rid of a lot of weight.Any suggestions on helping with the weight loss while eating glutten free?