Homemade Gift Ideas from Harvest Your Health Bundle

I mentioned the Harvest Your Health Bundle sale last week, and if you’re really not interested, just ignore this post. However, I really think it’s a great deal, and today I want to tell you about some books in this bundle that aren’t related to eating but can help you with Christmas (or any other) gift giving.

Homemade Gift Ideas - My Buttered Life

I have several books by Renee Harris of MadeOn: Skin Care Products and I used the gift edition to make Christmas gifts a couple of years ago. I made chocolate body mousse, hard lotion, and lip balm. They make great gifts for men and women and were well received.

MadeOn is know in particular for their hard lotion. It looks like a bar of soap, but it is actually hard lotion that softens and melts when you rub it on your warm skin. It is great for very dry skin areas such as heels and cracked fingers. Renee’s eBooks tell you how to make your own as well a numerous other skin care products.


The Personal and Home Care category of the bundle has three of Renee’s books (a fourth Baby Edition is in the Motherhood category)  plus numerous others. If you’re looking for homemade Christmas gift ideas, there are plenty to be had in books such as Salves Made Simple which includes instructions for a wide variety of salves, and Simple Scrubs which tells you how to make a number of scented scrubs.

Salve Made Simple and Simple Scrubs

Personal/Home Care

This is just one category in this huge bundle. The sale ends tomorrow, so if you’re considering purchasing, now is the time to do it!

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