Heinz Gluten-Free List Update

Last month I posted a letter I received from Heinz including their gluten-free product list. A reader pointed out to me today that Heinz Worcestershire sauce was listed as gluten free despite the fact that the label says it contains wheat. According to the label shown on the web site, wheat is part of the soy sauce that is used in the Worcestershire sauce.

I have notified Heinz of the mistake. This should be a reminder to us that we need to always read labels. Product lists are a helpful starting point, but mistakes do happen. If you printed the list for reference, please be sure to cross off the Heinz Worcestershire sauce. A gluten-free alternative is Lea & Perrins brand, also made my Heinz.

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  1. Thanks for the follow-up. It's always good to read labels. It's also nice to have other people point things out for us!

  2. Michelle says:

    My Heinz worchestershire does not list wheat among the soy sauce ingredients (the soy sauce ingredients are listed in parentheses as well on the bottle). Is it possible that they are using a G.F. soy sauce? Such things do exist!

    Re: Lea and Perrins: the 1st ingredient in my Lea and Perrins worchestershire is malt vinegar (from barley). Barley has gluten and so therefore, unfortunately, Lea and Perrins is not G.F. Sorry!

    • Michelle, the post you commented on is from 2009 so ingredients have probably changed in both the Heinz and Lea Perrins. Reading the label is always the best way to go! You’re right about malt vinegar. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Melanie says:

    My Lea and Perrins lists distilled WHITE vinegar, molasses,water, sugar, onions,anchovies, salt, garlic,cloves, tamarind extract, natural flavors, chili pepper extract. So my bottle IS GF.

    Of course, I always read labels…

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