Grandpa’s Kitchen Mixes Review

Grandpas-Kitchen-flour-blendGrandpa’s Kitchen is a company that sells gluten-free mixes and a flour blend.  Here’s what they say about why the company was created.

“Some of our family members were diagnosed with Celiac Disease and after trying many gluten-free products, we realized there was a lot to be desired. Whether it was the texture, taste, or consistency, the products we tried were nowhere near the regular gluten-filled foods we were used to.

That is why we experimented with our own flours and recipes until we found the perfect blend. Our gluten-free flour blend can be used cup for cup in regular recipes. It already has the xanthan gum in it, so it’s ready to go. Our gluten-free mixes include pizza, bread, and pancakes and they’re all equally delicious and easy to use.”

I sampled the flour blend, bread mix, and pizza crust mix.  The mixes are gluten and dairy free, but the directions call for ingredients such as buttermilk.  I used substitutes.

Overall, we enjoyed the food made with these products.  Here are my thoughts on each one.

Flour Blend

I first used this for coating pork chops.  It was not the best for that.  It think it contained too much starch for that type of coating.

I also used it in my cherry chocolate cake.  I hadn’t made the cake in a long time, but it turned out very well and everyone enjoyed it.

Bread Mix

The directions called for 12 oz. vanilla yogurt or soy yogurt or buttermilk  I used plain coconut yogurt.

Although there were instructions for using a bread machine, they didn’t give exact times for programming a machine, so I thought it was safer to use the oven method.

The directions say to “Knead at least five minutes.”  I thought that was a bit odd since gluten-free dough isn’t kneaded.  I mixed it for five minutes in my stand mixer.

The bread rose up beautifully, but as so often happens with gluten-free bread in large loaf pans (9 x 5 inch), it deflated when I took it out of the oven.  The directions said to bake it 30 – 40 minutes.  I baked mine for 35 minutes.  Next time I would bake it longer and possibly cut back on the amount of yogurt.

Despite it’s deflation, it was nice bread.  It was soft and spongy.  The second day it was not as soft, but still reasonably soft.

Pizza Crust Mix

One thing I did not like about both mixes was that I had to add several dry ingredients including baking powder, baking soda, and salt (even though the mixes do contain yeast).   A mix is something I like to use when I’m short on time, and having to add several other dry ingredients as well as the wet ingredients makes it seem like much less of a time saver.

The pizza crust called for buttermilk.  I used almond milk.  The directions did not say to warm the milk, but I did for the sake of activating the yeast.

The mix says that is makes two 12 inch pizza crusts.  I had two twelve inch pans and there was no way I could make the dough stretch enough to cover both pans.  I ended up making a 12 inch pizza and a 9 inch pizza.

The dough didn’t rise much, but when it baked it did get puffy and expand some.  When I pressed the dough into the pan it was flat, but you can see from the picture that it spread out and up at the edges.

I probably could have made the dough stretch to about 11 inches in each pan and let it expand, but I didn’t know it would do that.

It made a very good thin crust pizza.  We all enjoyed it.


    • The final products were very good.
    • It might take a few tries to figure out the best way to use the mixes.
    • Dairy free substitutes work well.
    • Several dry ingredients need to be added to the mixes making them less of a time saver.

Where to Buy:  You can order online.  There are also a few stores, particularly in Utah that carry their products.

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  1. Meghan says

    I hadn’t even heard of Grandpa’s Kitchen before, but I would love to give it a try! Always looking for new mixes – especially a good pizza crust

  2. Cindy W says

    I have not heard of this brand of gf mixes but would like to try it. Thank you for the giveaway.

  3. Sherry says

    I have not tried anything from Grandpa’s Kitchen’ but, eagerly wanting to.

  4. Motheroflittle says

    I checked out their website…very nice.
    I dont mind adding more ingredients, it seems more homemade that way. I usually add baking powder to all mixes anyway, for more puff. I will give them a try as I haven’t found a GF bread that I “love” yet. Thanks for the review and giveaway for Grandpa’s Kitchen. Living GF is always an adventure!

  5. Leora Dagani says

    Im actually excited to try this, I am starting my own blog inspired by this blog and other Gluten free blogs that make life easier, and food tastier!

    Life is so much easier with products that make Gluten Free cooking simple!

  6. marlene says

    I have not heard of this brand either, but am eager to try it. The pizza you made looked great.

  7. Christine says

    This looks really good. Hope the bread mix is good. I need an easier way to make bread.

  8. Marilyn says

    I love this flour but I have had the best success when I bake using stoneware pans.

  9. says

    I haven’t tried any products yet as this is the first I’ve heard of Grandpa’s Kitchen but I would love to try them. I Liked his paged and shared this post on FB and Twitter and will be putting it on my blog as well. I’m also subscribing to your posts via email. Thank you!

  10. Dana Coughlin says

    I have never heard of Grandpa’s Kitchen; I’m always looking for new flour mixtures.

  11. Tracey says

    I have not heard of this brand before but would love to try it! I subscribe to you via email.

  12. Karin Goodman says

    This is the first I’ve heard of this brand. The pizza and bread look really good, would love to try them.

  13. Anna says

    Never heard of these but I’m always looking for the next best GF thing to feed my two boys!

  14. Brenda says

    First time I have heard of this brand but would would love to try it. Some
    flour blends I have tried and disliked but some have been good. The bread
    looks great.

  15. Shannon J. says

    I’ve not tried any of these products but as the writer for our Celiac support group newsletter, I’m always looking for new products to introduce our members to.

  16. Victoria says

    I haven’t tried these mixes, but they look yummy! If I win, I’ll be happy to test them:)

  17. Deanne Johnson says

    I have never heard of this brand. However, as a newly diagnosed celiac patient, I am interested in trying it!

  18. shelley says

    i havent tried any of grandpa’s kitchen products – but would sure love to do so !!

  19. says

    I have never tried Grandpa’s Kitchen products (or even heard of them before) but they sound excellent.

  20. Sheila says

    I have not tried any of Grandpa’s Kitchen products, but would sure like to do so! We are a gluten-free-family of 4. Deciding to exclude gluten is one of the ways we try to manage our digestive disease. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  21. Angie B says

    I haven’t heard of Grandpa’s Kitchen products before, but I would definitely love the opportunity to check them out! :)

  22. Malia says

    Awesome! Grandpa’s stuff looks really yummy! I’d love to win and try these out on my family.

  23. Rachel Blom says

    I haven’t tried any of these products before. None of our stores carry this brand.

  24. Rachel Blom says

    I like Grandpa’s Kitchen Gluten-Free Mixes and Flour Blend on FB.

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