Gluten-Free Wednesdays Quiche Challenge

Last month I posted a create a gluten-free quiche challenge, which I hope some of you have been working on.  This is the week to link up those quiche recipes.  If you don’t have one, don’t worry, any gluten-free eating idea is welcome.

I’ll be posting the challenge for May on Thursday, so be sure to look for that, and April’s carnival review will be coming up soon.

My submission for the quiche challenge is:

Gluten-Free Mexican Quiche

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  1. Jason@jlhealthtulsa says

    Back in the 80's there was a book called "Real Men Don't Eat Quiche" but your Mexican Quiche looks awesome! I'm gonna have to try it.

    p.s. I never read that book anyway.

  2. Jenn says

    LOVE your creative take on quiche! Mine is not creative at all…I just used what was cheap and fresh and found that I could easily replace soy flour with chickpea flour and have it still come out great. Can't wait to see what next month's challenge is!

  3. gfe--gluten free easily says

    Welcome to the new folks! :-)

    Well, I had grand plans of making a new quiche, but then time was running out and I was taking a break from dairy. So I linked a post with two crustless quiche recipes and the info on how to make any quiche crustless.

    I also linked up my oatmeal brulee, which is a great way to spiff up one's oatmeal breakfast. 😉

    Happy Wednesday all!


  4. anna says

    This is my first time here as well (though I'll be back again and again!) Enjoy the yumminess – looks like a lot of delish recipes!
    anna <><

  5. Libby says

    Great round up! We have an egg allergy at our house, so I hope you'll settle for cupcakes instead of quiche! (I'm flashing back to Bill Cosby's famous "Chocolate Cake for Breakfast" routine.)

  6. says

    Thanks for hosting this challenge Linda! It has been quite an education for me. :-)

  7. anna says

    Thanks Linda, for stopping by my blog and letting me know about Mr. Linky! I popped my link in.

  8. Zoe @ Z's Cup of Tea says

    I made the gluten-free puff pastry from Helene of Tartelette, but it was used to make a tart instead of a quiche as soon as the oven was fixed! I was persuaded by my siblings. Anyways, the gluten-free puff pastry is amazing – if you haven't made it yet, I strongly urge you to go make it. It's worth it!

    I was hoping to participate in the quiche challenge, but since I didn't make it this time round, hopefully I can do this month's cake challenge!

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