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Happy September everyone!  I love the fall, and I’m glad September is here.  I’m glad that you’re here too!  Thanks for participating in this gluten-free blog carnival.  It wouldn’t be any fun without you.

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Free September Menu Plan – This month I’m offering a free menu plan with a printable version as well as a version with links to recipes. 

Gluten-Free and Weight Loss: Share your experience with weight loss or gain after going gluten free in my latest post, Gluten-Free and Weight Loss.

Monthly Theme: Now that August is over, we’re moving on to September’s theme of pasta.  I’m not sure if I’ll be submitting a pasta recipe this month since I’m cutting out most carbs, but I look forward to seeing yours.

Last Week’s Highlights:  We didn’t have any grilled food recipes last week, but here are a few recipes I particularly liked.

Pineapple Chili Chicken Marinade – Dandelions on the Wall
Raw Sweet Heat Beet Salad – Gluten-Free Cat
Virtual Support Group with Paleo Parents – Gluten Free Easily
Homemade Alfredo Sauce – The Coconut Mama
Herb Cream Cheese Cucumber Roll Ups – Healthy Frugalista

My Submission:  I don’t have a new recipe to share this week, so I thought I would kick off the pasta theme this month with an older recipe.

Italian Sausage and Pasta

The Carnival: Please read!

  • Keep the links to gluten-free eating ideas (recipes, reviews, menus)
  • If you’re new, please read the guidelines.
  • Leave a link back (I will not highlight any recipes that do not link back.)
  • Thanks for participating!

1. Bruschetta Stuffed Zucchini

2. Asparagus Tetrazzini in a White Bean Sauce

3. The Mommy Bowls Snickerdoodles (Shirleygfe)

4. Grain-Free Salmon Rolls

5. Double Chocolate Cookie Bars {gf, df, ef}


7. Dark Chocolate Mousse

8. Chinese Sauce- MSG free, gluten free choices

9. A Rainbow of Healthy Muffins

10. Buttery Lemon Blueberry Muffins – GF V & SF

11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy Bars & LUNCHBO

12. zucchini, red pepper, and spinach quiche

13. Making Simple Sauerkraut

14. Batch Cooking Soaked Beans

15. Gluten-Free on a Budget

16. Tomato Basil Quinoa

17. Easy Cheesy Potatoes

18. Banana Bread – GF/DF

19. Cheese Crackers {Gluten Free}

20. On-The-Go Gluten Free Lunch and Snack Ideas

21. WHOLE FOOD Meal Plans & Recipes (GF included)

22. Caprese Pasta

23. GF Fruit Pizza

24. Carrot Cake Muffins and Vegan Carrot Cookies

25. Black Bean and Quinoa Burger Recipe

26. Corn Tortillas (Jenn Cuisine)

27. Pork Chops with Onion Gravy

28. Chocolate Berry Silk Pie- Low Carb, GF, Paleo

29. Citrus Tilapia

30. GF Roasted Zucchini and Tomato Pasta

31. A Week of Gluten-Free Meals

32. The #1 resource you need to go grain free!

33. Chicken Cacciatore w/ Homemade Fettuccine & K

34. Cauliflower pizza crust! Easy, yummy, and GF!

35. GF DF Chocolate Lovers Cheesecake

36. Steamed Kale Salad with Sweet Tamari Sauce

37. Cookie Dough Bites

38. Grain-Free Peanut Bread

39. Losing Creek Farm – Sirloin and Hominy Stew

40. How to Make Water Kefir – Photo Tutorial

41. The Trick to Cutting Corn off the Ear

42. Cheaper to Make your Own Tahini

43. Raspberry Chocolate Ice Cream (DF, V)

44. Ricotta Cheese {Dairy, Soy, & Nut Free}

45. Sandwich Bread {Grain, Yeast, & Xanthan Free}

46. Low Sugar Pectin Vs. Regular Pectin Jelly

47. GF Cheesy Tomato Pasta

48. Skinny GF&SF Low Carb Cranberry Almond Scones

49. Dubbel Dark Chocolate Layer Cake & Roundup

50. Chicken and Penne with Kale & Tomatoes

51. raw milk yogurt via crockpot or thermos

52. Jello Poke Cake

53. Health(ier) Dairy Free Carrot Bread

54. Baked Rice Pudding Squares

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  1. says

    I shared my most recent recipe of Bruschetta Stuffed Zucchini and then remembered I have a pasta recipe to fit this months theme, so I also shared my White Bean Sauce Tetrazzini .

    Thank You for hosting! :)

  2. says

    I shared my Grain-free Salmon Rolls and an article about autism.

    Check out my new online cooking class: go grain-free

    Thanks for hosting!

  3. says

    Hey Linda–Yes, I’m happy for September, too. :-) I’ve linked up my adoption post of Deanna at The Mommy Bowl, sharing my experience with her Snickerdoodles recipe (and citing all the other recipes of hers that I want to make!).

    Not sure I’ll share a pasta dish this month or not (as I’ve been avoiding it of late), but maybe we both could share a veggie “pasta” dish and keep to the theme. 😉

    Thanks for hosting!

  4. says

    Thanks for highlighting my Cucumber Roll Ups stuffed with cream cheese and chives. I’ve had fun taking them to events because it makes such a pretty platter.

    I can’t wait to try the beet salad you also featured this week.

  5. says

    Can’t believe it’s September already. I’m a summer person, so I could enjoy it forever.. I linked a zucchini, red pepepr, and spinach quiche to help use up the end of summer zucchini. Thanks so much for hosting

  6. says

    I have to share a homemade recipe with everyone. One night I had asked my wife to make brownies because I had that chocolate crave going on so she got out the box of dark chocolate mix and started making it. When she got done I was presented with a surprise – homemade Reeses brownies that were made with natural peanut butter! Oh my they were so good. Now they were not officially Reeses brownies but I called them that to give you an idea of how they came out. She warmed up about 1/4 cup Jiffy natural peanut butter and simply poured it in the mix. A few tries after the first round she started putting the peanut butter in the middle of the brownie mix. So she would dump 1/2 the brownie mix in the pan, then the peanut butter, and then finally the rest of the brownie mix to make it like a Reeses brownie square. I guess you could use the Reeses brand peanut butter to make them, but I do not know if Reeses has a natural brand out yet. She also used a flax seed substitute for the eggs, which added another healthy dose of omega 3 to the already rich antioxidants from the dark chocolate. But now that I think of it, I have not seen Reeses peanut butter on the store shelves lately. Any good brand of natural peanut butter would beAnyhow I just wanted to share this cool recipe with you because I simply love it.

  7. says

    Left you a recipe for Roasted Zucchini and Tomato Pasta this week. Thanks for hosting! September is a great month for pasta : )

  8. says

    Good morning! I am sharing my Chicken Caccaitore with Homemade Pasta and Sauted Russian Red Kale. I have listed several ideas in order to make GF, as well as Veg.

    Thanks for hosting!

  9. says

    I can’t believe you’ve done a meal plan for the whole month! I’m just now getting myself to plan for the week, nevermind the month! Thanks for sharing it :) I’ve posted a recipe for my new favorite lunch salad, Steamed Kale with Beets and Sweet Tamari dressing.

  10. says

    The summer harvest is peaking and so is food preservation. I’m sharing a trick to cutting corn off the cob without making a mess and my side by side comparison of Low Sugar Pectin vs. the Traditional Pectin.

    Thanks for hosting!

    We just started a blog hop called Eat Make Grow and we are always looking for quality bloggers to submit their links.

    Stop on by if you get the chance:


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