Gluten-Free Wednesdays 8/4/10

Gluten-Free Wednesdays buttonAugust is here, and after taking a break in July, the monthly gluten-free challenge is back.  For August it is a create a pesto challenge.  Remember, you can link up your pesto recipe any week this month.

Be sure to come back later this week for a great giveaway and the Gluten-Free Wednesday July Review.

Last week we had several muffin recipes, and you know I like muffins.  A couple linked up at the end so you might have missed them.  In case you did, be sure to check out:

Pumpkin Spice Muffins @ My 1/2 Dozen Daily
Quinoa Banana Muffins @ The Daily Dietribe
Strawberry Rhubarb Muffins @ Gluten-Free Flavor Full
My submission this week is another way to use zucchini:


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  1. Alea says

    You can never have too many ways to cook zucchini!

    It was kind of you to point out my muffins since I was late last week!

    This week I am submitting a super easy, but frightlfully unhealthie brownie recipe. Ducking head and running…

  2. Iris says

    Thanks for highlighting my muffins! I'm submitting a "how to" post this week on making gluten-free waffles. If you have any waffle recipes you love and want me to add to my "best of the blogosphere" list on the post, let me know.

  3. Jenn says

    Love your potato zucchini mash…zucchini is currently my go-to vegetable for everything lately – toss some in with quinoa, with chicken, there isn't much it doesn't go with :)

  4. J L Health 918-836-0565 says

    I just happen to have a very good gluten-free pesto dish to enter in the challenge. This week's post is a Green Bean Salad w/ Feta that is verrry good! Thanks for hosting!!

  5. ~Carla~ says

    Yum! Those look sooo good! I forgot to post what I made in my first link, so if you could delete my first link i'd appreciate it! :) Thanks SO much for the link up too!!

  6. WendyGK says

    My zucchini are finally slowing down, but I can always use another recipe. This week I reviewed a brand new cookbook and tried flatbread and ice cream cones/pizzelles.

  7. Amy @ Simply Sugar & Gluten Free says

    Hi Linda! Love the pesto idea…I keep looking at my basil thinking, I need to make pesto. Maybe I'll whip some up tonight. I don't have a pesto recipe on my blog yet. :)

    Thanks for hosting.

  8. Babyfro says

    I would not have thought to put zucchini in a mash. Might be able to get the husband to eat it that way. Toddler I'll have to think of something else for, he doesn't care for potatoes in any form right now. Frustrating.

  9. gfe--gluten free easily says

    I'm linking up two posts today, both are along the lines of recipe reviews and information. I shared a step-by-step pictorial on harvesting honey from our honeybees in the first one. We got 4 gallons of beautiful, raw honey from our one hive–woohoo!

    Thanks for the muffin recipe highlight! I can't wait until it's muffin season again. :-)



  10. Priscilla says

    I wont participate this week but I know you can make zuchinni pasta.

    The other week I made buttered zucchini, simple and delicious, baked in the oven.

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