Gluten-Free Wednesdays 5/18/11

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Hi everyone! Welcome to Gluten-Free Wednesdays.  If you are looking for some gluten-free eating ideas, you’ve come to the right place.  Just browse the links below, and add your own if you’re a blogger.

If you get this post by email, remember to click over to the site later in the day or sometime tomorrow to see what great ideas have been gathered here.

BlogHer Food 2011: I will be leaving for Atlanta on Thursday to attend the BlogHer Food 2011 conference.  I’m looking forward to meeting a few gluten-free bloggers.  If you are planning to attend, please let me know.

Giveaway: This week I have a Wolfgang Puck soup giveaway going on.  These gluten-free varieties make a nice quick meal, so don’t miss it.

Monthly Challenge: May’s challenge is to create a gluten-free pizza, and so this month I am highlighting pizza recipes.

Last Week’s Highlights: There were lots of great gluten-free recipes last week, but no pizza recipes!  That must be because the week before I had eight to highlight.  Since I’m busy getting ready to go to BlogHer Food, I’m just going to skip the highlights this week.

My Submission: This week’s recipe is a delicious and popular meal.

Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry

chicken and broccoli stir fry

The Carnival: Please read!

  • Keep the links to gluten-free eating ideas (recipes, reviews, menus)
  • If you’re new, please read the guidelines.
  • Leave a link back (I will not highlight any recipes that do not link back.)
  • Thanks for participating!

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    I have a pizza recipe Linda. I’ve been working on this one for awhile and your monthly challenge got me to kick it into gear. Just got the recipe actually written down and photographed last week.

  2. says

    Have fun at BHF!! Wish I could be there to meet you, but I’ll be at Plate 2 Page :) I hope you have a great time!

  3. says

    Black Olive and Artichoke Pizza, with Garlic Herb Pizza Sauce. The crust is an easy no-yeast batter that can be cooked quickly on top of the stove!

    (I’ve also used arepas as the crust and cauliflower as the topping, and they are also excellent.)

  4. says

    Wow! Once again, such a variety and so much good stuff here at Gluten-Free Wednesdays, Linda and everyone–thanks! :-) I linked up my post on the well-stocked pantry being the key to living gfe, which is part of the 30 Days to Easy Gluten-Free Living event. And I also linked my musings about not limiting one’s self to what’s labeled gluten free. (That includes cookbooks and I’m giving away a mainstream cookbook, which has many naturally gluten-free recipes, plus more that can easily be converted.)

    I know you’ll have a wonderful time at BlogHer Food, Linda! Wish I could be there with you. Say hi to Lynn (Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures), Lillian (Lillian’s Test Kitchen), AndreAnna (Life as a Plate), Alisa (Go Dairy Free and Alisa Cooks), and Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) for me!


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