Gluten-Free Wednesdays 2/23/11

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Hi everyone!  If you are looking for some gluten-free eating ideas, you’ve come to the right place.  Just browse the links below, and add your own if you’re a blogger.  If you get this post by email, remember to click over to the site later in the day or sometime tomorrow to see what great ideas have been gathered here.

Monthly Challenge: February’s challenge is to make a loaf of gluten-free yeast bread.  I hope to post an update on my progress this week, though I’m not sure I’ll have an actual recipe to share with you.

Last Week’s Highlights: There were no bread recipes last week, so in honor of Valentine’s Day, here are the chocolate recipes that were linked up.

Chocolate Curry Bites –  City|Life|Eats
Iced Chocolate Bundt Cake – The Hobson Homestead
Chocolate Aphrodisiac Pie – Living Free
Peanut Butter Brownies – Sugar & Spice
Almond Chocolate Double Coconut No Bake Cookies – Gluten Free Easily

My Submission: This week’s recipe is family pleaser.

Taco Soup

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    Thanks for hosting! I am linking up a recipe that Butter from Hunger and Thirst shared in a guest post on my blog. It is a recipe for making gf hamburger helper from scratch.

  2. says

    I was feeling guilty about not getting to the bread challenge this month and I come here to find that you’ve shared my no-bake cookies … Linda, you’re too kind! Thank you! It’s definitely been chocolate time with Valentine’s Day, but it looks like you have a good variety of recipes shared today. I’ve linked my review of Jules Shepard’s Free For All Cooking and her Coffee Cake recipe (reprinted with permission, of course). :-)

    Thanks for hosting, Linda!

  3. says

    Hi Linda, This week I am sharing my recipe for Meyer Lemon Mousse. If you love Lemon Meringue Pie, you will love this Mousse! It tastes like a combination of the filling and the meringue!
    I have never made GF bread but I have a recipe that I want to try- it is called Cabbage Patch Bread and it has vegies in it! Cabbage, carrot and parsley. I used to make it years ago before I was GF. It also has evaporated milk so I did some research on a substitute for that.
    If I get a chance, I will make it this weekend!
    Thanks for hosting!

  4. says

    I finally made it back by for GFWed’s! I’m watching snow fall and wishing I was one person again. LOL Baby is due Sunday. Sigh! I’ve got to go back and add the link back to my post and say “hi” to everyone now.

    Thanks for keeping this carnival up Linda. I keep sending people your way.

  5. says

    I love the idea of Taco Soup — it sounds so warming both in temperature and flavor! (Especially while we have another round of freezing rain and snow on the way here.)

    My link is for Redskin ‘Skins with Olive Oil and Garlic Salt for an easy, healthy snack or appetizer that everyone will enjoy. I recently put some out with carrot and celery sticks on the side – my husband was well on his way to a whole day’s worth of veggies before he even got to dinner!

  6. Wendy @ Celiacs in the House says

    I still haven’t done my yeast bread. Too busy making waffles, I guess. I’m sharing my Rueben on a rye-less rye waffle. Thanks for stopping by the new site and commenting. It’s taking a little longer to move to WordPress because I’m doing it step-by-step on my own without technical help. Painful, but I’m learning a lot. Your taco soup is similar to a casserole I made in a hurry last night. Same ingredients, but with rice and less liquid. Kids devoured it. Funny how they love the simple, thrown together meals as much as (or more than) the fancy,expensive, trendy ingredient meals.

  7. alex at a moderate life says

    Hi Linda! A day late but hopefully not a dollar short! Linking up a comparison between my mom’s home made gravy and mark bittmans gluten free pan sauce. All the best! Alex

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