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Welcome to Gluten-Free Wednesdays! With the holidays ahead of us, I’m especially looking forward to all the gluten-free eating ideas linked up here.

Thanks for stopping by and participating.

Thanksgiving Recipes:  If you need ideas for Thanksgiving, here is a round up of a few of my gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes.

Food Gifts:  If you have any food gift ideas on your blog, I’d love for you to submit the link for my upcoming gluten-free food gifts series.

Monthly Theme: Thinking ahead to holiday parties and get togethers, November’s theme is appetizers.  The theme is just a suggestion, not a requirement, but I do look for theme related recipes to highlight each week.

Last Week’s Highlights:  There was only one sweet potato recipe last week, so I’m sharing a few pumpkin recipes that were linked up.

Cheesy Sweet Potato Stuffed Skins – Skinny GF Chef
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles – Tessa the Domestic Diva
Ginger Pumpkin Mini Scones – The Spinach Spot
Raw Pumpkin Bread & Pumpkin Cheesecake – Small Footprint Family
Personal Pumpkin Pie (Grain & Sugar Free) – Anne-Marie Cain

My Submission:  This week I am sharing a guest post from SnoWhite.

Sweet Potato Corn Bread

The Carnival: Please read!

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  • If you’re new, please read the guidelines.
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  • Thanks for participating!
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1. Spiced Pumpkin-Raisin Cookies (GF, SF, V)

2. Sugarplums

3. The Best (& Easiest) Grain-Free Bread Ever!

4. Chocolate Red Velvet Muffin Tops

5. GF Boston Cream Pie

6. Instant Raspberry Ice Cream

7. Creamy Mushroom Soup

8. Roasted Bell Pepper Appetizer

9. Roasted Winter Squash Soup

10. Paleo Chicken Marbella

11. Thai Green Curry w/ Chicken

12. Millet Porridge – A Gluten Free Hot Cereal

13. Tasty Yummies Banana Coc Loaf (Shirley @ gfe)

14. Apple Cinnamon Bread – Gluten, Egg & Nut Free

15. Quinoa Cabbage Rolls (gluten free, vegan)

16. How To Make Roasted Pumpkin Purée

17. Cashew Chicken Stir Fry and Roundup

18. Handcrafted Chai Spice Mix

19. Roasted Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

20. Raspberry Squares (GF/DF/SF)

21. Chocolate Covered Apple Pops

22. Slow cooker sweet potato chili

23. Stocking Freezer Meals for the Holidays

24. Raw Chocolate Crunch Cookies


26. Creamy Thai Shrimp Soup

27. Peanut Butter Tasty Kakes {gf, df, ef}

28. Broccoli Salad w/ Cranberries and Nuts!

29. Adventures in GF, EF Beet Bread Making

30. Chili Roasted Sweet Potatoes

31. Meat or Vegetarian Chili

32. Grain Free Gingerbread Men

33. Skinny Spinach Artichoke Bean Dip-GF

34. Vanilla Strawberry Creamsicle Smoothie

35. Fudge Brownies (gf)

36. Asian Turkey Wraps

37. Chocolate Syrup

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  1. says

    Hi Linda, This week I’m linking up my adoption post of Beth at Tasty Yummies. I made Beth’s grain-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free Banana Coconut Loaves. :-)

    Thanks so much for hosting each and every week!

  2. says

    Mmmmm, sweet potato corn bread…. Love that idea! I’m hosting a gf Thanksgiving so I need to hop over and print that recipe!

    I’ve linked up some raw cookies that are almond based called Raw Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Have a nice Wednesday!


  3. says

    Hi! Thank you for hosting the lovely party every week! I shared my grain free gingerbread recipe today!

    Hop you have a lovely week!

  4. Terri says

    The sweet potatoe corn bread sounds great – I plan to try it. For Thanksgiving, I make cornbread stuffing/dressing and can continue to make if almost the same way that I did before GF. I follow my own recipe but it is similar to the one in Southern Living Cookbook (and online I think) – with lots of onion and some celery, using day or two old cornbread make a couple of nights before and cubed. Whte bread stuffing is so bland anyway. . .

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