Gluten-Free Wednesdays 1-25-12

Gluten-Free Wednesdays buttonHello everybody.  I can’t wait to see what you all have cooked up for this carnival.

Last week we had over 50 submissions so go back and take a look if you missed it.

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Ziplist:  If you haven’t yet heard about Ziplist’s recipe box and shopping list, I explained it earlier this week.

Monthly Theme:  Potatoes are January’s theme (which is only a suggestion) and this is the last week I’ll be looking for potato recipes to highlight.  February’s theme will be soups and stews.

Last Week’s Highlights:

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tamales – Gluten-Free Cat
Leek and Sweet Potato Frittata – Low Amine Recipes
Roasted Fingerling Potatoes – MJ’s Kitchen
Savory Hashbrowns – Premeditated Leftovers
Broiled Potato Chips –Raia’s Recipes

My Submission:  This week I have a delicious and easy meal to share.

Italian Sausage and Pasta

The Carnival: Please read!

  • Keep the links to gluten-free eating ideas (recipes, reviews, menus)
  • If you’re new, please read the guidelines.
  • Leave a link back (I will not highlight any recipes that do not link back.)
  • Thanks for participating!

1. Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking

2. Giveaway: The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Ba

3. Video: Homemade Sauerkraut

4. Sweet Potato Pileup

5. Ketchup: Fermented & Sugar Free

6. Fish Heads in My Stock Pot

7. Soaking & Sprouting: Why & How


9. Coconut Oil Review

10. Coconut Flour Profile: How to Use, Where to B

11. Peacock Cake!

12. Bacon Wrapped Venison Tenderloin

13. Whole-grain Blueberry Scones

14. Hashbrown and Bacon Frittata

15. Probiotic Ranch Style Dressing

16. Hasselback Potatoes: dairy, gluten & soy-free

17. GAPS pancakes

18. Chicken Rice Bowls (Vegetarian option too)

19. Scotch Eggs

20. Easy Potato Soup (gluten free)

21. Jenn Cuisine (Creamy Cauliflower Soup)

22. Chocolate Ice Cream: Dairy-free

23. Chicken Cordon Bleu

24. Chili Lime Sweet Potatoes

25. Spiced Apples

26. Raw, gluten free, vegan cheesecake!

27. Kate @ MAM — Mashed Potatoes

28. GF Grain-Free Berry Burst Muffins

29. Warm Ginger Pear Compote/Celiacs in the House

30. Orange Cilantro Dressing

31. Potato topped Meatloafins

32. Lemon-Raspberry Muffins GF V

33. Tender Indian Meat Cubes – Vindaloo GF DF

34. Vanilla Birthday Cake w/Easy DecoratingTips

35. Hearty Vegan Cabbage Soup

36. Spicy Peanut Noodles with Asian Veggies

37. Moroccan Vegetable Tagine w/ Vegan option GF

38. Sweet Potato Hash Browns

39. “Pantry” Soup & Paleo Bread (Shirley @ gfe)

40. Sweet Potato Pancakes – GF, DF, Egg Free

41. Apple Blackberry Crisp (Grain Free)

42. GF Spaghetti Squash with Mushroom Sauce

43. Quinoa with Smoked Chicken Sausage & Bok Choy

44. Thyme – Swede and Apple Soup GF SCD

45. Grain-free Rosemary Raisin Crisps (vegan, GF)

46. Garlic Shrimp Radiatore

47. Make your own Breakfast Sausage

48. Lamb Stew with GF Gravy (made with potatoes!)

49. Yummy Potatoes and Joshs Famous BBQ Chicken

50. Gluten-free Turkey Meatloaf

51. Orange Coconut Truffles

52. Three Cheese Potato Bake

53. Warm Pear&Pecan Flaugnarde


55. Delicious, Nutrient-Dense Seaweed Salad

56. Warm Carrot Broccoli Slaw – Valerie @ City|Li

57. Gluten-Free Celery Root & Potato Au Gratin

58. Crispy Potato Wedges on the Foreman Grill

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  1. says

    I shared a guest post about gluten-free sourdough baking. Also a video for making sauerkraut. Lastly, a giveaway I think your readers would enjoy!

    Join me in my Probiotic Foods Challenge starting January 9 at Real Food Forager!

    And link up your cultured and fermented foods here!
    Thanks for hosting!

  2. says

    Your Italian Sausage and Pasta recipe looks delicious! Thanks for hosting this hop. I’ve linked up a sweet potato recipe.

  3. says

    Hi Linda, I shared a grain-free berry muffin and a warm pear compote today. I’m gonna put my subscribe widget back up and you can come over and see if you know what’s wrong with it. I’ve tried for months to get it right and no luck. Thanks!

  4. says

    Linda, thanks so much for mentioning my tamales!! No potatoes for me this week. I’ve linked up a salad dressing that goes well on everything…Orange Cilantro Dressing. Love dressings made with pureed fruits and veggies. Have a great week!

  5. says

    Wow, so many posts already linked! I love that their are informative/how-to type posts as well as recipes. :-) I’ve linked up my simple lunch/dinner combo of soup and bread that comes together in 30 minutes. It’s a winner. 😉

    Happy Wednesday, all!

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