A Gluten-Free Retreat

I had a wonderful vacation with my family this summer and soon after that I got to spend a few days with some gluten-free friends. Having the two trips almost back to back really highlighted how delightful it is to go some place where I don’t have to worry at all about whether the food is gluten free. That knowledge allows my mind to relax in a way that it simply can’t when I do other traveling.

As much as I loved that aspect of the gluten-free gathering, it certainly wasn’t the highlight. The food itself was amazing. There was shrimp, crabs, venison sausage, guaco tacos, amazing vegan dishes, two flourless chocolate cakes, Baby Cakes doughnuts, and much more!

gfe retreat

But even more wonderful than the food was the company. Shirley of gfe has been a good friend for several years and she was the gracious host of this event. I had met a few other attendees and a few were new friends. I enjoyed my time with each one.

Front Row:

Back Row:

Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera, and my phone pictures didn’t turn out very well. But there are more pictures and lots more information at the recap posts I linked to above.

I encourage each of you to get together with other gluten-free people. It may not be an overnight retreat, but getting together for an afternoon or attending a support group meeting can be more beneficial than you might realize. I’ve been gluten free for 13 years, and it still does me good to be with people who understand and share that same restriction.

But if you’re limited to online company (or even if you’re not) the blogs listed above are a great resource. Check them out if you haven’t already!

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    Thanks so much for this lovely post and the kind words, Linda! All of us need to spend time with gluten-free folks so we can relax about food, so we can share our enthusiasm for new recipes (like you said, that was certainly a key part of our retreat), so we can hang out with folks who get our restrictions, etc. As usual, you’ve managed to do a wonderful recap and be brief at the same time. Maybe in my next life I will have that ability. 😉 I hope my comment comes through this time …

    Thanks again!

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    Such a wonderful weekend! I love how these posts are trickling in so I can relive the experience each time!

    My water kefir is doing well! I’ve added lemon and 2 dates to the regular recipe and love it!

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    Great recap Linda and once again, it was so great meeting you! Really enjoyed our time in the car too, to and from Baltimore, thanks again! Love the pic of all of us too! I fully agree, everyone who is gluten-free or has a dietary restriction should do the same as we did, it certainly is a breath of fresh air knowing the food is safe and those in your company will understand as they are experiencing the same thing.

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    I am JUST NOW getting to see this! That was such a fun weekend and thank you SO much for sharing your Earthing mat with us. I’ve noticed mine helps give me more “spoons” when my energy is low. I just have to remember to use it! 😀

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