Gluten-Free Menu Plan 3-22-14

Gluten-Free Menu Plan at The Gluten-Free Homemaker

Spring is finally here, but the weather is still cool enough for soup. And there are two great soups in this week’s menu. The potato chowder is just as delicious made with a milk substitute and my family really loves it. The beef and vegetable soup cooks in the crock pot, making the meat very tender.

So many of this week’s recipes lend themselves to being accompanied by a salad or fresh vegetables. That’s why I’ve chosen my red pepper hummus recipe as a side dish that can be used for dipping fresh veggies. It also makes a great afternoon snack.

This menu plan provides you with six main dish dinner recipes and ideas for what to serve with it. Also included are a breakfast, side, and dessert recipe. Rearrange the recipes as needed to fit your schedule, or use the ideas to supplement your own meal plan.

Happy Eating!

This Week’s Menu

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Other Ideas

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  1. Mary Tramonti says

    Could you please address those who also have a sensitivity to xanthan gum? Will substitution of another gum change the outcome’s consistency, color, taste, texture, etc? Do you have any recommendations for avoiding too much xanthan gum? Sorry if you’ve already addressed this, but I’m new to the GF world and learning as I go. Thank you!

    • says

      You could try using guar gum. I’m sure there will be a slight difference, but probably not too much. Gums help gluten-free baked goods to hold together (something gluten does). You can try eliminating it, especially in smaller items such as cookies or muffins, if you don’t mind them falling apart.

If you have a question about a recipe (especially substitutions and nutritional information), please read my FAQ page before asking the question in a comment.

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