Gluten-Free Menu Plan 10-12-13

Gluten-Free Menu Plan 10-12-13


I have several slow cooker recipes lined up in this week’s gluten-free meal plan. If  you use these meals in a different order, be sure to cook the whole chicken first, then use the leftovers for the easy chicken enchiladas.

This Week’s Menu

Other Ideas

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  1. Francine Singer says

    i like the new format, easier to navigate and see the recipes. It’s like a mini book. Very creative!

  2. Lee Ann Cameron says

    I like it…found the pictures scrumptious and the format was easy to use. Thanks so much for the trouble you went thru

  3. Deborah says

    I like the format it is easy to follow. I am relatively new to gluten free lifestyle and I also am a vegetarian and usually only eat kosher. It isnt always easy but to me and my well-being it is worth it. Thank you for making the recipes easy to follow.

  4. Lesley says

    LOVE YOUR PAGE! LOVE this idea. I just found out, at 56, that I have celiac, after much struggle and frustration! Your page has been a great help, and I love this format. A BIG KUDOS TO YOU. THANKS :)

    • says

      Hi Lesley. I’m glad you found out that you are celiac. I have heard of people getting diagnosed at 90! Glad I can be of help. Thanks for commenting.

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