Gluten-Free Menu 9-9-12

Gluten Free Menu 9-9-12

Well, you can see from the menu that it wasn’t a great week for me.  We were out of town until Monday and then I got sick.  On top of that we lost power yesterday and were limited in what we could eat for dinner.  As a result, we had hamburgers twice and leftovers or yoyo twice.

You do know what yoyo is, right?  Your On Your Own.  Basically, everyone fends for themselves eating leftovers or whatever else they find to eat.  I can do that now that my kids are big.  It’s harder when they’re little.

Before we move on to the menu, I want to remind you that I created a menu plan for the month of September.  You can read more about how to get the menu plan for free in last week’s menu post.

Hamburgers. Since we traveled home on Labor Day, we had our holiday cookout with my parents and their neighbors on Sunday.  My dad grilled delicious burgers.  My mom made macaroni and cheese that was not gluten free, but Jared and I were fine eating burgers and salad.

We’re both going without bread these days, but if you enjoy bread with your burger and don’t want to pay high prices for gluten-free buns, try my hamburger bun recipe.  The buns are also great for other sandwiches.

spaghetti sauce from scratch

Spaghetti and Meatballs.  I brought home a bunch of big tomatoes from my parents’ garden.  There were more than we could eat before going bad, so I made spaghetti sauce from scratch.  This time I left out the ground beef and made meatballs instead.  Some of the family ate Tinkyada pasta and some ate spaghetti squash.

meatballs and spaghetti

Crock Pot Chicken and Brown Rice.  The chicken and rice recipe calls for chicken breasts, but this time I used a whole cut up chicken.  These days I’m only eating dark meat chicken (I’ll post an explanation one of these days) so I wanted a combination of white and dark meat.

Hot Dogs.  Someone left a comment this week on my hamburger bun recipe sharing how she uses it to make hot dog buns.  I think it’s a great idea.  You can read the comment here.

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    Haha on yoyo! Had never heard that one, Linda. Love it! So sorry you were sick though. Hope you’re all fine now! Some weeks are not at all exciting for menus, but we do what we got to do. 😉


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