Gluten-Free Menu 8-5-12

Gluten Free Menu 8-5-12

The first few days of sugar-free August have gone well.  I’ve been cutting back on sugar for some time, which helps.  I find that cravings always hit in the evening, sometimes right after dinner.

I’ve gotten through the cravings with a little fruit and like to have  a fruit smoothie in the evening with added protein powder.  How is it going for those you who are joining me?

Here’s what we had for dinners last week.  I hope it helps in your menu planning.

Rotisserie Chicken on top of Salad.  The kids had potato chips with theirs.  I get my chicken from BJ’s.  Be sure to always read the ingredients.  Some are labeled gluten free.

rice and quinoa pilaf

Tilapia, Rice & Quinoa, Steamed Broccoli – I cooked the tilapia in foil in the grill just like I cook baked salmon.

Ham Fried Rice & Quinoa, Salad – I used the leftover rice & quinoa to make a fried rice meal.

Hamburgers, Zucchini, Squash, Tomato & Corn Sauté – I used a lettuce wrap for my burger and sautéed the vegetables with coconut oil, basil and garlic.

Pizza on Udi’s Crust with Salad – Although I consider myself dairy free, I do use cheddar style goat cheese on pizza.

Leftovers – The weekends often end up being a time to eat leftovers.  The kids are usually coming and going and often fend for themselves.

I didn’t make any desserts this week since I’m trying to be sugar free and low carb.  I did make red pepper hummus and British pigs in a blanket.  I used Applegate hot dogs rather than cocktail sausages.

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    Hi Linda, I’m doing Ok too but the cravings hit me hard right after dinner. A little fruit really does hit the spot, especially frozen grapes, berries or bananas but I’m missing my baked goods. Today I had a lot of bread to use up so I made a bread pudding in the crockpot and sweetened it with just 1/4 c honey. It made me happy to have just a little bit! I’m so glad we’re doing this, I can already see a difference in my swimsuit! hugs

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      Hi Ali. Thanks for our update. The bread pudding sounds good. I know what you mean about missing baked goods. I’m becoming aware that I need to cut back more on carbs. I’ve been doing that somewhat for months, but I need to get more drastic with it. I’m glad you’re doing this with me!

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