Gluten-Free Menu 8-19-12

Gluten Free Menu 8-19-12

For at least the next couple of weeks I am cutting out grains and other starchy foods.  Where necessary, I modified these meals to fit my needs, but mostly I ate the meat and vegetables and left the carbs for the rest of my family.

Hot Dogs – Applegate brand with lots of veggies.  The rest of the family ate them on buns.

chicken and vegetables

Roast Chicken, Rice/Quinoa, and Steamed Broccoli – I use a NuWave oven to roast chicken.  It’s nice in the summer because the oven is small and  it takes less time to cook.  You could also cook a whole chicken in a crock pot.

Crock Pot Meatloaf & Potatoes with Green Beans Almandine – I used coconut palm sugar in the meatloaf topping and it worked fine.

Spanish Rice with Sausage and Salad – I kept some sausage aside for me to eat with my salad and used less rice and liquid in the recipe.

Grilled London Broil, Rice, and Raw Veggies – When I use my meat thermometer, the London broil always get over cooked (though it seems to work fine for other meats).  This time I went by the feel of the steak and it turned out perfectly.

Zucchini Pizza – I adapted my older zucchini crust pizza and will be sharing the new version with you tomorrow.

Hamburgers with Salad – No bun for me.

What’s on your menu this week?

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  1. Erin says

    Just planned my menu too!

    •Sunday: Steak tacos.grilled peppers and onions.chips & salsa.pineapple>
    •Monday: Chicken sausage and cabbage. GF pasta.>
    •Tuesday: Roast Chicken with Capers.brown beans with mushrooms and onions>
    Wednesday: Chicken salad and/or GF quesadillas>
    •Thursday: Tilapia.vinegar potatoes.salad>
    •Friday: Clam Choweder with GF Bread or Biscuits>
    •Satuday: Grill out or Tacos and Burritos>

    Satuday: Grill out or Tacos and Burritos

    Sunday: Steak tacos.grilled peppers and onions.chips & salsa.pineapple

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