Gluten-Free Menu 7-8-12


We were without power for several days last week, and the entire week was very hot.  Thankfully, we had a generator that kept the freezer and refrigerator going.

Longhorn Steakhouse (at the bottom of the page you can download their gluten-free menu) – Steve and I went out for our anniversary.  A number of restaurants in the area were without power so the ones that had it were crowded.  We went to Longhorn and I ordered salmon with a sweet potato and salad.

BJ’s Rotisserie Chicken and Potato Salad with a Green Salad – This was an easy no-cook meal.

Hot Dogs, Potato Salad and Green Salad – Another very easy meal.  I cooked the Applegate organic beef hot dogs on the grill.

4th of July – We went to cookout at a friend’s house.  Most of their family is gluten free so even though other people brought side dishes, it was easy for gluten-free son and I to find food we could eat.  I took potato salad and homemade hummus with tortilla chips.

Lemon Curd

We went from that cookout to a pre-fireworks party where desserts were being served.  I took angel food cake and lemon curd.  It was a big hit!

Salmon, Rice, Green Beans & Broccoli – I baked the salmon on the grill.  I didn’t have enough broccoli or green beans for everyone so I steamed both and people had their choice.

Spaghetti with Salad – Again, this was an easy meal.  We had company for dessert so I put my efforts into that.  I made another angel food cake and had lots of strawberries, cherries, and banana pieces for dipping in Kim’s chocolate fondue.

Salad with Chopped Turkey Breast and Corn on the Cob – My son brought corn home from a farmer’s market.  It’s the first corn on the cob we’ve had this year.  My youngest son was able to eat it without cutting if off the cob since he no longer has braces.

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    This is an amazing menu for someone who didn’t have electricity! It all sounds delicious. I noticed your angel food cake recently and put it on my list of things to make :) We also enjoy going to Longhorn and get the steak. (I called their corporate office to verify that the seasoning was ok.)

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      Thanks, Shannon! We were only without power for the first few days. :) The angel food cake is definitely worth making. I’ve had steak at Longhorn also. I particularly like their filet mignon.

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    That does sound like a good week, Linda! I’ve enjoyed Longhorn Steakhouse, too. Some items I like better than others, but haven’t had an issue eating there. I’m SURE your angel food cake and lemon curd was well received! :-) And how neat that you made Kim’s chocolate fondue for it another time. That stuff is heavenly!

    We drove through your area via 301 today and yesterday on our NJ trip. Saw a lot of the damage in the form of uprooted trees, blown over buildings, etc. We had a storm come through our area tonight and collapse buildings, etc. All safe there, thankfully!


    • says

      Our area was hit pretty hard, but thankfully we didn’t have any damage on our property. You really need to stop by some time. I suppose when you’re driving up 301 you already have other plans, but let me know if you want to come up for a day some time!

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    That Angel Food cake looks like heaven! (Pardon the pun. It was not intentional, but now I’m kind of proud of it! haha) Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go pin that recipe onto my Pinterest board!

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